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Sweet Cruelty: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake

It was an innocent mistake by an innocent virgin.

She knocked on the wrong door. My door.

If I were a better man, I would’ve just let her go.

But I’m not. I’m a cruel bastard, and I took ruthlessly what should have been claimed gently. She screamed and begged and climaxed for me as I ravaged her over and over, but it wasn’t enough.

I need more. I need to own her completely.

A Russian mobster has no business pursuing a naïve student. She doesn’t belong in my world.

But it doesn’t matter. It’s too late.

She is mine, and I’m keeping her.


Publisher’s Note: Sweet Cruelty includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Zoe Blake

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 69,000 words


He drove in so hard and fast it lifted me off my feet from the force of it. My mouth opened on a scream right as his fingers, which had been on my cunt, pushed between my lips. I could taste my arousal as he pounded into me. Driving his shaft deep till I felt I was being impaled, body and soul. The aggressive thrust of his hips rocked me forward till I collapsed on the narrow desktop. It was then he wrapped one of his massive hands around my waist and drove in harder… and harder.

Pain danced with pleasure as I felt filled beyond measure. I was certain he was bruising my internal organs as he relentlessly fucked me.

He pushed his fingers deeper into my mouth till I gagged and choked.

“Suck on them. Take them in deep.”

My tongue swirled over his salty skin as I tried to breathe through my nose. My hand reached between my legs and furiously rubbed my clit with the same rhythm as his thrusts.

His hand left my hip to spank my right ass cheek.

His three fingers muffled my shocked scream by gagging me.

He spanked me again. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind I would have the full imprint of his hand on my ass for hours to come. The heat and stinging pain washed over me as I could feel my body crest.

His thumb crept between my ass cheeks till it caressed my dark hole.

I clenched it in response.

This will be your true punishment later.”

My eyes widened. No! No, he couldn’t possibly think to… no!

He pushed his thumb past my resisting sphincter to the first knuckle.

My hand slammed down on the desk several times as my body adapted to the feel of him dominating me in all my holes as I adjusted to the knowledge this was only the beginning.

His thumb shifted in and out of my ass, opening me. Sending twisted shocks of pleasurable agony between my legs.

“Come for me, baby. Now,” he commanded.

I obeyed.

Helplessly biting down on his fingers as my body betrayed me with an all-consuming orgasm, I collapsed forward, resting my cheek on the cool surface of the wood plank as he thrust in deep several more times. His cock swelled deep inside of me before he pumped his come into my core.

Our mixed ragged breathing was all that could be heard in the humid room. I could feel the sweat between my breasts and shoulder blades as Dimitri slowly pulled out.

Pulling his fingers from my mouth, he once more cupped my sex.

Dipping his fingers inside, he then returned them to my mouth.

“Lick them clean. Taste the come that’s inside of you.”

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