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Sweet Salvation Reaches Three Top 100 Lists

Sweet Salvation by Maddie Taylor AccomplishmentMaddie Taylor‘s latest book has made the Amazon Top 100 lists for BDSM erotica and romantic erotica, as well as the overall Top 100 list for erotica.  Congratulations to Maddie!

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Come see what so many readers are already saying about this book!

★★★★★ Avid Reader (at “A great spicy read with lots of sizzling, sexy romance
Full of romance, steamy sex and sizzling spankings that are just right. Stacy is spunky, witty and full of sass, but hides a traumatic past that leaves her vulnerable. Jared is sexy, loving, and fun, but he’s not afraid to make her follow orders, his doctors orders, and if she doesn’t, her butt pays the price. He is determined to help her deal with her past trauma so she can feel safe and protected, then they can begin a life together.

An intriguing plot creates wonderful dramatic tension between the lead couple. Their best friends, Marc and Jessie are a secondary couple who are featured and their volatile relationship is so compelling I’m thinking a sequel is called for. I’ve read almost all of Maddie Taylor’s books and this latest does not disappoint.

★★★★★ Missy Girl “MG” (at Another moving, sexy, MT Romance. I loved it
Maddie Taylor is one of my go to authors. I scoop up her new releases as soon as they hit Amazon, read it in one sitting then am disappointed I have to wait for her next one. And there had better be a next one! Jared and Stacy’s story is beautiful and funny and sexy (no spoilers but the scene in the hotel… HOT!). There is just the right mix of story and erotica, drama and spanking. Just what you expect from MT. Please say you will write Marc and Jessie’s story soon! Thank you for a sleepless night, MT, but it was worth it.

★★★★★ Jule Kijek (at Motor City romance!
I simply loved this new book of Maddie. Jared and Stacy rock as a couple! Marc and Jessica were great as their best friends. The spankings were Hot and the sex even Hotter. I loved the fact that the story was set in the Detroit suburbs. Being a local I knew of or have been to most of the locales mentioned in the book. And yes, Maddie, I have been to the park were the winter scene took place many years ago.

I can’t wait for Marc and Jessica’s book. Maybe Ben’s too? We know he is the 3rd partner. All in all, a truly wonderful book.

★★★★★ Katherine D. Carter  (at I Loved this BOOK! Buy…Buy…Buy you won`t be sorry.
What a great book! Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down ( that’s saying something since the tornado warning siren went off twice last night) this was the best book I have bought this year and I have read over 25 so far. I had tears running down my face almost the entire time ( so keep tissues handy). The only glare was were Stacy name would be either Stacy or Stace… I am a real fan of Maddie Taylor, Please, Please, Pretty Please write another one soon.

★★★★★ SH (at Hot, Hot, Hot…

Oh Maddie Taylor has done it again! I absolutely have to read every book she writes and I am never disappointed. Jared is such a strong alpha male and the chemistry between him and Stacy is HOT. I mean, get a fan it’s hot in here…..HOT! Loved the storyline and adored the ending, it is so extremely well written as always. I can not wait to read the story of Marc and Jessica as it appears he definitely will have his hands full 🙂 If you haven’t read Ms. Taylor’s books you are seriously missing out. Click and buy, you won’t regret it.

★★★★★ N da Know “CC” (at Excellent read

First time reading this author but won’t be my last. Characters we’re excellent however the alpha men were HOT. Can wait to read the rest of Marc and Jessica’s story

★★★★★ Loveskitten (at Loved it!

What can I say, I’m a diehard MT fan. She knows how to keep you interested and wanting more! What a winning combination! Her stories are always funny and sexy all at once and Sweet Salvation is no exception!

★★★★★ Mary Sue Wehr (at Another hit for Maddie Taylor!

Maddie Taylor does it again. Jared, a doctor,( woohoo), knows exactly when his ‘Georgia Peach’ Stacey,needs some discipline and he’s not afraid to deliver the type of medication he thinks she deserves. His buddy, Marc is just as sexy and hot. There’s romance, laughter and lots of lovin’. You will not be disappointed!

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