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Taken and Mated by Samantha Madisen

After years spent hiding from the Imperial Guard, Katalana Scott has been captured. She is to be sold, but first she will be trained to satisfy even the most shameful demands of her future owner. Despite her best efforts to remain defiant, before long she is blushing crimson and quivering with need as she is punished and tamed in ways more humiliating than she could have ever imagined.

But someone wants Katalana too badly to let her be auctioned off, and after the ship transporting her is attacked she soon finds herself standing before the throne of an alien warlord. The huge, handsome brute plans to claim her as his mate, but the rituals of his planet must be followed, and before he can make her his own he must share her virgin body with his fiercest warriors…



Publisher’s Note: Taken and Mated includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Samantha Madisen

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 48,600 words


The doctor’s hands snapped her out of her reverie about the instruments, as he moved them over the stinging skin of her bare bottom. “As you can see by her coloring, the girl is almost certainly an Atrix, though tests will confirm this shortly.”

Lana wanted desperately to scream, “What the hell are you talking about?”, but the doctor’s hands pulled on her buttocks at that exact moment and she felt his finger on her most private hole. She felt herself instantly pucker, but the contraction of her hole was the only reaction she could have, and it did not get her very far away from his probing fingers.

He massaged her hole for a moment as she gasped and then stared vacantly ahead, her vision blurring with tears of humiliation.

“There is no evidence of penetration of the anus,” the doctor said loudly, and Lana’s face grew hot with fresh humiliation.

The doctor’s fingers moved downward to her pussy, where they stopped. He paused to hold his hand up and rub his fingers together. “Most interesting,” he stated. “The female responds with arousal to punishment.”

Lana’s face stung with so much heat that she thought she must be beet red, which only humiliated her further.

The doctor continued touching her, pulling her apart, and her treacherous body responded against the grain of her fury and humiliation by throbbing with the same ache that had curiously occurred during her spanking.

“Very positively,” the doctor murmured. “She is a promising specimen.”

He probed her some more, spreading her lips open, swabbing a finger over her clitoris and making her shudder with reprehensible delight.

“She responds properly to sexual stimulation as well, and appears to be intact,” the doctor noted. He pulled the table toward himself, out of Lana’s view. “I will begin the measurements now.”

Lana strained her eyes so much that they hurt trying to see what the doctor was doing but could only hear the squirt of a bottle of some kind. The next sensation was of very cold, wet metal against her bottom.

She pushed her hips forward and away from the metal, but as before, there was not much room to maneuver in her restraints. She heard herself speaking. “Wait, no, what are you—”

The doctor placed a hand on her rear and pulled her back into place. “Hold still, or I will have you punished again.”

The eyes of the Pratean who had stunned her already gleamed with anticipation.

“She is in need of discipline and training,” the doctor informed the audience, as the metal pressed against her anus again and she fought her instinct to buck him. “But these are not insurmountable defects…” His voice trailed off as the cool metal pushed sharply against her anus, spread it open with a stinging bite, and then began to slide inside of her.

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