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Taken and Trained by Vonna Harper

Taken and TrainedWhen attorney Lacey Stapleton decides the time has come to put aside her fears and fulfill her long-held desire to surrender herself to the control of a man who will not hesitate to dominate her, she contacts a company which specializes in providing submissive women with exactly what they need. Lacey signs the necessary paperwork, but when a man employed by the company appears in her bedroom one night, carries her to his car, and spirits her away, she wonders if she has gotten herself in over her head.

Her captor, handsome former police officer Ash Blacemore, promptly strips her bare and ties her up, leaving her helpless, exposed, and completely at his mercy. Though Ash is a patient man who plans to take his time in mastering her, it doesn’t take long for Lacey to discover that disobedience will earn her a painful spanking on her bare bottom.

Over the coming days Lacey learns what it means to be made to submit fully to a dominant man, and before long she has begun to fall for Ash in a way she never has for any other man. But even as she confesses her most intimate secrets to him, Lacey knows Ash has secrets of his own, demons in his past that he shares with no one. When the truth is revealed, will it shatter the dream they’ve been living together?

Publisher’s Note: Taken and Trained is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, extensive BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Vonna Harper

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 42,500 words


Something touched her back between her shoulder blades. The contact was so unexpected that she jumped and let out a squeak. She tried to relax, but his nails on her helpless flesh were hardly the stuff relaxation was made of. Promise, yes; danger, maybe.

“Don’t think,” he muttered. “Just feel.”

As if she had any choice. Oh, yes, she amended, strictly speaking she could resist, yell for help even though she doubted help was anywhere near here. But just as her wrists had come to love the soft ropes stroking them, she loved doing what she was doing, with him.

He’d lifted his hand off her, but then he touched her again, the contact a little firmer this time. Grateful because he wasn’t tickling her, she started to straighten.

“No.” A sharp blow to her buttocks punctuated the word. “Close your eyes. Think about what I’m doing and contemplate what I might come up with next.” His fingers walked from the base of her spine to her anus, but didn’t dive into her waiting and wet pussy. “Don’t let other thoughts enter your mind, understand?”


“Yes, what?”

“Master. Yes, I’ll do what you want, master.”

“I thought you would. Patience is a virtue, you know.” Gripping her ass cheeks, he pulled them apart. Being so utterly exposed made her face burn, but even as she wondered what he thought of her large labial lips, she took pride in what she was—feminine.

He was standing behind her with his feet inside her legs, undoubtedly leaning over. Maybe, hopefully, naked. She didn’t even know his last name and here he was, all but taking pictures.

Her pussy continued heating, most likely swelling as well and turning dark with blood, and of course he could smell her and see the moisture clinging to her sex.

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