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Taken as Collateral: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

I took her because I needed a hostage. I kept her because I wanted her.

Francesca Alessandro was just meant to be collateral, held captive as a warning to her father, but then she tried to fight me. She ended up sore and soaked as I taught her a lesson with my belt and then screaming with every savage climax as I taught her to obey in a much more shameful way.

She’s mine now. Mine to keep. Mine to protect. Mine to use as hard and as often as I please.





Publisher’s Note: Taken as Collateral includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 78,600 words


“Who do you think you are, Francesca? I know who you are, a princess who’d lived a life of comfort. You’re misguided and nasty, refusing to accept anything but what you require in life. Well, sweetheart, do you know what happens to little girls who act entitled?”

Huffing, I kicked out, connecting with some part of his body. “Fuck. You.”

He leaned over, yanking hair from my face. “They. Get. Fucked.”

The man was going to fuck me? I pushed as hard against the table as possible, trying to break free of his hold. “I hate you!”

“You’ve already said that, sweetheart. I don’t care.”

Michael smacked my already bruised ass just seconds before he rubbed his cock back and forth across it, taking my breath away.

Another moment of slow motion occurred as my entire body reacted, a hint of eagerness washing through me. The round of sensations trickling down my legs was intense yet more shameful than anything else. Even my nipples were aching to the point that I wanted to scream for them to be sucked, twisted, and plucked.

I closed my eyes as he shoved my legs as wide as possible. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t something I could handle. Then he brushed the tip of his cock across my pussy lips and my entire body bucked, straining.



“You’re wet, sweet and beautiful girl. Seems like you don’t mind this kind of punishment. I’ll have to keep that in mind.” He blew a swath of hot air across my back seconds before plunging the entire length of his cock inside my pussy.

My muscles stretched, trying to accept the invasion. Stars floated in front of my eyes as he pulled out, drawing the tip of his cock up and down my pussy. I was wet, sopping wet, juice trickling down the insides of my thighs.

“I love the feel of your sweet pussy clamping around my cock. Just imagine what your asshole is going to do.” He thrust fingers inside my wetness, flexing them open as he pumped several times. “Oh, yeah. Nice and hot.”

“Uh, oh, God.” This was sick, horrible. I was disgusted in every manner.

Especially with my body’s reaction. “God isn’t going to help you. Only I can give you what you need, give you the fix for your insatiable cravings.”

His arrogance further fueled my hatred, but his velveteen voice was far too enticing, so sultry that the syllables trickled down my back. Goosebumps appeared, covering almost every inch of my naked skin. Panting, I realized I was grinding my hips in an involuntary manner. Another betrayal of my body. I did everything I could to shut down, fighting with the bitterness and hatred of the woman inside. I was far too strong to allow any man to take control, no matter the circumstances.

Fuck him.

“Yes, you’re hot for me. Wet for me. Your pussy and your tight little asshole belong to me.” He shifted his hand, wiggling the same fingers between the cleft of my ass until he found my dark hole.

I stiffened when he slipped the tips of two fingers inside. “No. No! Get the hell away from me.”

“Very tight. Like all good little girls should be and I don’t think you want me to leave you alone. In fact, I think you want me to push you to your limits. Maybe fucking you daily, claiming every hole as mine will be sufficient. Maybe I need to go further, taking you to extremes.” He pressed further, taking his time.

The pain was extraordinary, biting and horrible and… suddenly, a moment of bliss swept into me, joyful and debilitating. I groaned, every bit of air expelling from my lungs.

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