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Taken by Him: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone

Four years ago I signed a contract. Today Dominik Staszek came to collect what is his.


He is not a gentle man, and he will not be a gentle husband.

Not even on our wedding night. Not even my very first time.

Before we even spoke our vows I felt the sting of his belt on my bare bottom, but it was only once I was bound to his bed that I began to truly understand what it means to belong to him.

I am not just his bride. I am his completely.



Publisher’s Note: Taken by Him includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Measha Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 52,000 words


“Dominik. I’m sorry if I’ve been rude.”

“No.” He shakes his head. “I don’t want your apology yet. I’ll let you know when. Now get to work.” He uses the cane to point to the vibrator.

I sigh and pick it up. After I switch it on, I place it over my clit. The vibrations right away kick up my arousal, the fact that he’s watching only heightens my need.

Just as I start to care more about the good sensation than his eyes lingering on me, he brings the cane down on my ass. I jolt forward, my brain screeches to a halt.

“Carry on,” he says.

I clench my jaw and get back to it, chasing down the pleasure before he can take it away from me, but as soon as my body tightens, the cane comes down again, and again.

I growl. It’s distracting having both happening at the same time.

“Keep going.” He taps the cane to my ass.

This time I’m careful to hide my expression. I get close, so close to the first burst of release when the cane comes down sharply, harder than the others across my ass. I cry out, but I don’t move the vibrator away. I’m too close to stop now. He brings the cane down again, but I’m lost to the waves.

The sharp strike of the cane melds into the haze of my orgasm, and there’s no separation between them. I’m all wrapped up in both sensations, being carried off with them. I collapse forward on the bed, humping the vibrator harder as his hands grab my hips.

“Don’t stop,” he orders and the cane lands on the bed beside my head. He unzips his pants and presses the length of his cock between my ass cheeks.

Instinct makes my body tense. I clench every muscle.

“Don’t tighten up, Kasia, it will only make this next part more uncomfortable.” His thumb swipes through my wet folds, pushing the vibrator out of the way as he gathers up my own juices to use against me. He’s good at this, at making my desire a punishment.

“Dominik,” I reach behind and grasp his wrist. He’s fingered me there before, but never has his cock pierced my asshole.

He shakes off my hand and smacks my ass, sending a ripple of fire through my body.

“Don’t reach back here again. Keep that vibrator on your clit.” He smears my juices across my asshole, then presses the tip of his cock against my tight ring of muscle. I clench my eyes, and everything else. “Relax, Kasia. I’m fucking your ass with or without your help. Either this hurts a lot or not too bad. Your choice.” He pulls my ass cheeks apart and presses harder against me. The round head of his cock intrudes, breaking through the muscle.

“Fuck!” I yell, fisting my hand and pressing my face into the bed. I can’t do it. It burns, so much heat.

“Deep breath.” He thrusts further, the pain increases, but I do what he says. I suck in a hot breath and force my body to soften. If I don’t fight him, if I give over, it will be easier. It might be good. It’s the same with him. When I charge at him, he’s a brick wall — unmovable.

“Fuck, Kasia.” He moans behind me as his cock inches further. Tears escape my clenched lids. “So tight.” He reaches around me, taking the vibrator from me and pressing it harder against my body.

Vibrations blossom new arousal.

“Dominik,” I whisper his name, though I’m not sure what I want from him. I don’t want him to stop, that I know, that I won’t tell him.

“Such a good girl, taking my cock up your ass.” He thrusts harder. “Take all of me.” His order is overpowered by his final push. Completely embedded in my ass, I can’t believe how full I feel. How hot and needy I am for him.

“Please,” I cry when the vibrator passes over my clit again. I arch my back, pushing my ass back at him. He’s a rough man, an impossible man, and it’s his power I crave now. I need all of it, the parts that hurt, the parts that soothe. Every bit of it sets my body on fire. An inferno only he can extinguish.

“Who owns you, Kasia?” He plows into me hard. The stripes from the cane sting, pushing me to another level of desire.

“You do, Dominik.”

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