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Taken by the Beast by Natasha Knight

Taken by the Beast by Natasha Knight (Post 200x300)

Elijah had watched Kayla for years, serving as a hidden protector for this beautiful young woman—until the night an abusive boyfriend sought to do her harm. Afterwards, he knew that there could be no hiding what had happened, and she would
have to come with him whether she liked it or not.

Try as she might to convince herself that her eyes had deceived her, Kayla knew that she had seen a giant wolf toss men about like ragdolls and then shift into the human form of her neighbor Elijah. Then, before she can even begin to process what she has seen, she finds herself thrown over his shoulder and carried from her apartment against her will.

In spite of Elijah’s insistence that their flight from the city to a cabin deep in the woods is for her own safety, Kayla attempts escape at every opportunity, but she finds that he is more than prepared to compel her obedience and he will not hesitate to spank her soundly when she makes it necessary. Worse, she soon learns that repeated defiance will earn her a punishment far more shameful than just a bare bottom spanking.

As the days pass, however, she begins to see in Elijah a kind of loving care and concern that no man has ever shown her before. Stranger still, as she stands before him naked and blushing, waiting to be thoroughly chastised for disobeying him yet again, she begins to want him in a way that is so fierce it terrifies her.

Elijah swears to himself that he has taken Kayla only to keep her safe, but in his heart he knows that is not true. His instinctual need for her—the overpowering urge to claim her as his own—grows stronger with every passing hour, and it is only a matter of time before he loses control and takes her. But can he keep her safe from those who would use her to get to him, and even if he can, can the primal lust between them ever grow into an equally powerful love?

Publisher’s Note: Taken by the Beast is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Natasha Knight

Word Count: 41,700

eBook Price: $4.95


He watched her tentatively take position.

“Legs wider,” he said. He moved to stand behind and just to the side of her. She spread her legs a little and he didn’t miss the slick pink of her pussy, and when she lifted her hips just a little, he smiled.

He began right away, the sound of leather whistling through air satisfying, but not so much as when it connected with flesh.

“Ah!” she gasped with the contact.

“Count,” he said.

“One.” She didn’t hesitate; he liked that. She would learn and he’d enjoy teaching her.

He wasn’t hitting hard, but he imagined she wouldn’t know that. He swung again, striking once more across her buttocks.


He saw the bed covers drag a little and imagined she was fisting handfuls of it. Another strike.

“Three. How many?” she asked, sounding desperate already.

He swung twice in quick succession.

She whimpered and shifted her feet, rounding her back, then hollowing it out again.

“You are not to speak unless you’re asked a question during punishment. Those two won’t count.” He delivered the next round, fully aware of his cock wanting out of his jeans when he watched her scramble upward onto the bed.

“Down, Kayla. Back in position and we’ll continue.”

She didn’t beg him to stop, but made some sound as she resumed her position. He noticed he didn’t have to tell her to spread her legs and, gaining confidence he wasn’t hurting her too badly, he struck harder, seven more swats, with the last two across her thighs.

She screamed with those two, but counted each one. Her muscles tensed when he dragged the belt across her bottom, building anticipation. He waited just long enough for her to relax and when she did, he struck the hardest strike yet and she pressed her face into the bed, mumbling the count, reaching back to cover her buttocks.

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