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Taken by the Commander by Stella Rising

I was meant to be given as a bride. Instead I was taken as a captive.

Raised in luxury, I didn’t know men like Commander Ondru existed… until the day he captured me. He claims to be holding me for ransom, but the look in his eyes says he’s keeping me.

Naked, leashed, and chained, I was put on display with my well-punished bottom still burning and the shameful evidence of my body’s helpless surrender already glistening on my bare thighs.

Now, fully at his mercy, I can only wonder what this brute has in store for me…




Publisher’s Note: Taken by the Commander includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 56,700 words


“That’s enough,” Ondru whispers in my ear, stuffing a thick white cloth in my mouth. Before I can protest, he applies a sheet of mediseal over the cloth, keeping my mouth shut. Mediseal is meant to cover wounds in battle, but it works fine as a gag. My groans and epithets make hardly a squeak.

The crowd cheers anew as I whine and cry, mortified by the gag on top of everything else.

“People of Wero!” Ondru says, pulling my leash down until I’m forced to bend over. “Soon Noximus Ikras will pay for what he’s done to you! The Consortium will pay for what they’ve stolen! But today, Nox’s most treasured prize, Lady Lizette Bekke, will suffer for the sins carried out in her name.”

With each proclamation the crowd howls louder, and when he finishes, I frantically yank my body, trying to get free. Ondru holds my leash tightly, however, and with his other hand slaps my ass.

I jerk in my bonds, surprised by the sudden jolt. Weroan laughter torments my ears worse than any spanking, but that doesn’t stop Ondru from applying one smack after another on my soft, pale cheeks. Still holding my leash, he alternates which side he swats, ensuring he reddens every last inch of my backside evenly. My skin radiates heat.

Yet, the jeers and cackles of the people sting far worse than the pain of his firm slaps. The sound burns into my brain, and I can feel the men staring at my unclad body. Only Nox is supposed to see me like this!

“Keep going, Commander,” Dakara snickers. “I don’t think she’s sorry yet.”

Ondru rubs my ass, massaging the aches. “I don’t know. Are you sorry, Lizette?”

My face must be as red as my backside by now. Sniffling, I nod. I’ve done nothing wrong; I owe no apologies. But, if it will make him stop, I’ll fall on my knees and beg forgiveness until I lose my voice. There’s nothing else I can do. One way or another, I’ve been locked up and restrained since Ondru found me—I doubt that’ll change. What if I’m stuck as their prisoner for the rest of my life? If I can’t escape, earning their sympathy might be the only way to survive. I certainly can’t fight my way out—Ondru’s so strong, he could snap me in half whenever he wants.

“Look,” he says, spreading my legs. “She’s wet with lust. Are you enjoying this? Are you a naughty little princess?”

My pussy spasms, even as I shake my head. I could never enjoy something so perverse.

Ondru chuckles, slapping my thighs. “No? Then why are you dripping?”

With or without the gag covering my lips, I couldn’t answer. I have no idea.

“Are you excited by the idea of being owned?”

Instinct takes over, and I slap my legs together, trapping Ondru’s hand. Crying, I shake my head again as everyone laughs.

“I could take out my cock and fuck you in front of everyone,” Ondru whispers to me. “They’d love it. Is that what you want?”

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