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Taken by the Mercenary by Stella Rising

She was an innocent virgin. Then I took her as mine.

Keelah may be a priestess on a sacred mission, but the planet where she is heading is no place for a beautiful little human like her. She’s going to need the kind of protection money can’t buy.

The kind that comes from belonging to an alien brute like me.

But she has something I want, and she is going to give it to me or her well-spanked bottom will be bright red and sore when I strip her bare and claim her quivering virgin body for the first time.





Publisher’s Note: Taken by the Mercenary includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 64,000 words


“Is what you’re carrying really worth getting punished over, Keelah?”

I gasp as he slaps my ass with both hands at once, leaving me tingling.

How dare he even ask me that? He doesn’t deserve a response—he has no right. When I don’t reply, he spanks me again, this time delivering three right after another. The rapid swats accumulate, leaving a hot burn where his hand touched.

“Answer me,” says Degan.

Damn him! “Yes!” I’d do anything for Niona. I expected there to be danger, venturing to Favrastis. This punishment might be mortifying and painful, but if that’s what it takes to succeed in my mission, I’ll endure it.

“I thought so.”

Degan pulls down my panties, baring my ass. Soothed slightly by the room’s cool air, I let out a sigh. Then he resumes my punishment, swatting my scorched orbs. I grunt, but hold back my whines. Degan shouldn’t get to see me suffer. I’m not giving him the satisfaction anymore.

His next stroke is the hardest yet; the force of it makes me lurch in place. I could scream, but I limit myself to a gasp. Processing the pain, I tell myself to breathe, to focus on anything but the intense, searing sensation from my ass.

“You’re a tough one,” says Degan. He massages my ass, relieving some of the sting. “A spanking like that leaves most in tears.”

“Screw you!” I snap. Novitiates are taught to rise above trying circumstances, but at this point I don’t care.

Chuckling, he whips his hand across my rear. My bottom tremors and I can’t help bucking against his grip, trying to escape the torment. Instinct attempts to override my defiance; my body wants to avoid any more suffering, even though I know there’s nothing I can do about it.

I suppose not mouthing off to an Aktaraka warrior would probably help.

However, he does stop. His hands brush against my agonized skin, fingers circling the welts and massaging the bruises. I groan, riding a hot spasm of pleasure that filters through my body. Fluid drips from my core; my face heats when I realize I must be leaving my wetness all over Degan’s clothes.

He must think I’m a freak. Throughout this whole ordeal, my dark fire has only burned hotter. Now, with the punishment temporarily paused, its illicit hunger claws at me in full focus. Degan hums, spreading my flesh and inspecting my traitorous body. I can’t hide my shame from him.

I shudder, imagining him telling his friends about the novitiate’s inexplicable desire. Will they think all priestesses are depraved? Am I going to be a dirty story he spreads for the amusement of other rogues like him? It shouldn’t matter to me, but the notion makes my head swim.

Degan slips me off his lap and onto the bed, then takes out my knife and several fresh sealing strips. Within minutes, he’s bound me to the bed once more. Showing me some mercy, he lets me rest on my front, rather than on my ass, although it throbs when he pulls up my panties and drops my robes back in place. With my hands and feet tied to the bed, he retrieves the gag he made from the bedsheet and stuffs it back in my mouth.

“I don’t know about you, Keelah, but I can keep this up for days,” he says, brushing hair out of my face. “Consider your options wisely, while you still have them.”

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