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Taken by the Wolves by Sassa Daniels

She was given to them to teach her a lesson. Then they took her as theirs.

When Carolina di Angelo ends up banished by her pack as a result of her sister’s scheming, she is sent to stay in the home of Neil and Duncan MacDonald. But the two devilishly handsome Scottish shifters have no interest in a ward or a houseguest. They plan to take her as their mate.

Carolina is given no choice in the matter, and when the feisty she-wolf disobeys the two firm-handed Highlanders they do not hesitate to strip her bare and paddle her thoroughly. But their stern correction leaves her not only sore and sorry but also burning with need, and as they master her quivering body ever more shamefully she cannot help longing to be marked and claimed.


Publisher’s Note: Taken by the Wolves is a stand-alone novel set in the same world as The Alpha’s Mark, Marked by the Wolf, and Claimed by the Alpha. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sassa Daniels

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 59,000 words


As the paddle fell again, she screeched loudly. Fire licked through her flesh but despite the pain, evidence of arousal pooled between her legs. Her clitoris throbbed in a steady pulse and as Neil struck her once more, her pussy clenched. Her eyes widened in surprise as she realized she was going to come. How could that be? There was a part of this she was actually enjoying. As Neil delivered another swift crack to her bottom, she moaned deeply. Pleasure and pain intertwined deep inside her and her legs began to shake. With one more smack of the paddle, she cried out as an orgasm seized her entire body. Her knees buckled and Neil quickly wrapped his arm around her waist to lend some support.

“Hold on,” Duncan said. “I’ll release you.”

“No, I need you to fuck me.” She glanced up and caught the hesitant expression on Duncan’s face. If she was honest, her request had surprised her too. She hadn’t expected a spanking to make her so desperate to be taken. “Please, I need you.”

The rasp of a zip lowering behind her told Carolina that Neil didn’t share his cousin’s uncertainty. Meeting Duncan’s eye, she darted her tongue out over her bottom lip. Apparently now convinced, Duncan kicked off his shoes, unfastened his jeans, and stripped them off along with his boxer shorts. His long, thick cock was rigid, its head an angry red. As she opened her mouth to take his shaft between her lips, Neil slammed into her from behind.

Though undeniably wet and ready for him, Carolina still whimpered as he seated himself fully inside her. Her feminine channel was stretched wide and immediately her pussy throbbed with need. While Neil gave her a moment to adjust to the unbelievable fullness, Duncan slid his cock past her lips. She licked the underside, tracing a vein that ran along its entire length. His skin was velvety, his masculine scent alluring. She sucked experimentally, trying to find what he liked.

“Harder, sweetheart,” Duncan urged.

Immediately, she did as he asked. As Duncan’s moan signaled, she’d pleased him, Neil grasped her hips tightly. He slid almost the whole way out of her and thrust back inside. Jolted forward, she was forced to take more of Duncan’s cock into her mouth. With his steely flesh touching the back of her throat and Neil driving into her from behind, she struggled for a moment to catch her breath. A tear slid down her face, but Duncan stroked her cheek to calm her, and she regained her composure.

Tangling his hand in her hair, Duncan held her in place and began to fuck her mouth as Neil plowed into her from behind. Sensation bombarded her from all sides. She wondered what she must look like, thoroughly restrained and being fucked mercilessly. It was all too much, yet not enough. Pleasure built inside her as her body carried her toward a climax. Her clitoris throbbed, her heart pounded, and yet what she craved remained just out of reach.

She whimpered as she tried to move her hips, desperate for that little bit of pressure that would send her over the edge. The unyielding restraint of the stocks and spreader bar coupled with Neil’s grip on her hips made it impossible to give her body the helping hand it needed.

Groaning as his cock swelled inside her, Neil reached beneath her body and rubbed her swollen clit until finally she got to that special place. Screaming around Duncan’s cock as she came, Carolina was barely aware of both men reaching their climax at the same time. Reflexively swallowing Duncan’s seed as it spilled into her mouth, she shuddered violently as every muscle in her body responded to the wave of ecstasy that crashed over her.

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