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Taken from School by Emily Tilton

When eighteen-year-old Lauren O’Hara is escorted from her school by stern, official-looking men and taken to a luxury high-rise apartment, she has no idea what to expect, but upon reaching her destination she is informed that she now belongs to billionaire John Killington and that over the coming days she will be trained to please him.

Lauren soon learns that complete obedience will be demanded of her, and when she fails to promptly do as she is told her bottom is bared for a painful, humiliating spanking. Upon meeting Mr. Killington, however, Lauren cannot help being impressed by her new owner, and before long she is yearning for more as he teaches her all the ways her beautiful body can be enjoyed.

But Mr. Killington is not the only man with an interest in Lauren, and when her longtime friend Ed Stevens tracks her down he is offered the opportunity to claim her for himself, provided that he can master her properly. Ed is more than ready to give Lauren what she needs, and he does not hesitate to strip her bare and take her hard and thoroughly, but will he be prepared to share her with Mr. Killington and the other dominant men of his organization?

Publisher’s Note: Taken from School includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 61,700 Words


“This is the first time you’ll strip down for me, Lauren. I want you to try to see yourself through my eyes. Try to understand why a man likes to watch a pretty girl undress.”

A crease appeared on her brow, and she bit her lip. He could almost see the question forming on her lips.

“Go ahead, now. Your skirt, and then your socks, then your halter top, then your panties. Look at me after you take off each one.”

The question forced its way out. “Why, sir?”

“Because a naked young women is most alluring when she knows her master is enjoying the sight of her beauty.”

Lauren’s lips parted, and she drew in a sharp breath. “I…” But she clearly didn’t know what she wanted to say, though she nevertheless was clearly bursting to say it.

John helped. “You never thought about these things, I know. You only turned eighteen yesterday. That’s why my club, though many people might call it bad—might even call it evil—is such a good thing for girls like you. Without me, Lauren, this precious time in your life would be misspent. You would search, but you would not find what you were looking for, because you would not even know what that was.” He had put more and more authority in his voice as he delivered this discourse. Now he made his final words a command—his cock would permit no less. “Now do as I’ve said. I want to inspect you.”

A shudder went through her sweet body, and she looked down, fumbling with the button at her waist. She gave a tiny sob of frustration as the button refused for a moment to cooperate, and then the wonderful little plaid skirt fell to the floor around her feet. She looked up at John, her face red, her eyes expecting disapproval, but then, as if she saw that his eyes had assumed again their kind expression, her frown turned to a shy little smile.

“You look very pretty in your underwear, Lauren,” he said. “You may go ahead.”

She reached down awkwardly to roll down and tug off her socks, and the sheer ungainliness of the motion pleased him as much as the most refined striptease could have done. Her sweet breasts jiggled loosely in the halter top, and her pale flanks, contrasting with the white cotton of the briefs, threatened to steal his reason.

Lauren looked up at him again, the socks cast aside. Very deliberately, John put his hand on his cock, still hard and still wet from her mouth, and began to jerk off gently. Lauren’s eyes went wide and a whimper came from her throat at the sight.

She didn’t take her eyes from the sight of his masturbation as she put her hands down to the bottom hem of her halter top and began to raise it over her head. He watched her realize that the revelation of her nipples was a moment he would find particularly arousing, and hesitate just before she did lift the white cotton that far.

It was the very best kind of striptease, as far as John was concerned. A schoolgirl, inexperienced at displaying her body to lustful eyes, learning as she went what it meant to be inspected, gazed at, caressed in a dominant man’s vision of all her nubile possibilities.

Lauren’s breasts rose pertly, her nipples pointing very slightly to the sides. Not reaching out posed a serious hurdle, but John kept stroking his cock, and Lauren kept watching, her breathing coming more and more raggedly. Her eyes rose to meet his.

“Please… sir, please… not…”

Again she didn’t know what she really meant—that she needed him to make her. He did know it, though.

“Take off your panties, sweetheart. Keep your eyes on my cock.”

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