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Taking in Dani by Kara Kelley

Dani Torkaz has no room in her life for a romance with anyone, let alone with ‘God’s gift to women’ Adam Fiori, but everything changes when circumstances compel her to accept a job as a nanny to his two young children.

Adam makes it clear that he will have no patience for rudeness, and it isn’t long before her sharp tongue earns Dani a painful, humiliating bare-bottom spanking. The stern punishment sets more than just her backside on fire, however, and she is left begging to be taken hard and thoroughly.

As she settles into her new position, Dani finds herself feeling like she is part of a real family for the first time in her life, and her lust for her stern, handsome boss begins to blossom into love. But Adam has secrets he isn’t sharing, and Dani has been hurt too many times to give him the benefit of the doubt. Can he win her trust before the wounds of the past destroy their future?

Publisher’s Note: Taking in Dani includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Kara Kelley

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 80,300 Words


His hand leaves my backside, and while I’m considering the cool patch left in its wake, it comes back with a sharp biting spank. I yip just from surprise, but before I can even completely register the full sting, another clap resounds. It’s not as bad as I expect but it still stings and the place where his fingers have hit bare skin at the edges of my panties burns. He keeps spanking while I stare at the polished oak hardwood and the way his pants fall perfectly down his leg. The swats get harder, and I feel myself jolting forward. I grasp his leg to steady myself, and he tucks me closer against him. Another yelp I can’t control bursts from me. The heat has started to leave my intimate places and concentrate on my cheeks. I wiggle as four land in the same spot—mostly on the part of my bottom that isn’t covered by cotton. My breathing increases. Shit! It hurts!

“Are you going to show me a little more respect, Daniela?” he asks, and I garble an answer between spanks. I feel his displeasure in every slap. I didn’t think of my attitude as a cursor to our communications. Is it possible I’m also to blame?

“You need to look beyond people’s status and money before judging them.” My breath hitches as his words sink in with several more heavy-handed thwacks. Is it true? Had I prejudged him long before I even spoke to him? Had I gone into our first conversation having already decided he was an ass? I do seem to dislike the wealthy—except Ollie. Why? Because I grew up with nothing? That was unfair, wasn’t it? Was my lack of wealth Adam Fiori’s fault though? No.

“Maybe you’re right!” I blurt, in between the chorus of branding spanks. I’ll say whatever he wants to hear. “I can’t—no more!” Where’s my pride now?

He stops a moment, and I blow out in relief until his finger slips into the band of my panties and he lowers them. I begin to panic, squirming on his lap.

“No, Adam! My dignity!”

He leans forward a bit. “Your pride is more like it, little girl. Stay still, Daniela. We’re not done yet.”

I ignore him and kick and flail, covering my bottom with my hand.

He clears his throat. “Okay, we’ll do it your way then.” His firm words grip me as does his arm. “Give me your hand.” He’s getting serious, and that makes my inside writhe with nerves.

“No,” I snarl. He brands my naked backside with a spank so sharp I’d probably be on the other side of the room if he weren’t pinning me so tightly. I don’t want to give him my hand, so I tuck it to my chest. I don’t want to feel any more trapped.

“Now!” he says, firmer. “Or this will get much worse.” To prove his point his hand smacks down on my thigh and I squeal. Jesus!

I whine—a long drawn-out mewl.

“I can’t. No more! Please. There’s no spot left unscorched.” I just can’t.

“Are you going to give me your hand?” he asks softly, ignoring my speech. I choke a little on a whimper but reach back to him slowly. “Good girl.” I don’t know why but I feel a thrill at his words.

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