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Taking Their Maiden by Demi Lane

She was meant to be kept pure. Then she was taken for breeding.

When she was carried off, Talia was an innocent virgin, a maiden sheltered from the rough appetites of men for all of her twenty-one years. But Kavari warriors do not ask, they take.

No matter how prettily she blushes, she will be stripped bare, spanked soundly for any attempt at escape, and then shared and enjoyed in the most shameful ways imaginable. But Talia’s new masters do not intend only to make her theirs in bed. They plan to make her theirs completely.




Publisher’s Note: Taking Their Maiden is a stand-alone novella which is the third entry in the Kavari Masters series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Demi Lane

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$0.99

Length: 18,000 words


Blaise grunted wordlessly and stepped back, and I watched, terrified, as Klev stepped straight behind me, gripping the leather in his fist.

“Remind me again why I have to punish you, Talia girl,” he said in a low, almost menacing tone. “Tell me why instead of pushing my cock into your sweet, hot pussy, I need to spank you first and make your pretty cheeks bright red and your eyes wet with tears.”

I felt the leather move against my skin and broke down, a sob ripping out of my throat. “Please,” I begged. “I’m sorry I ran. I was just scared. I was so scared.”

Klev hummed, dragging the leather over my thighs. “Have we hurt you, girl? Was our attention the past few days painful? Did I hurt you on the ride up?”

“No! No, but—”

I yelped as the leather cracked against my cheek. A soft strike, but it was enough that I felt a hot sting from it. The heat only made the throbbing between my legs worse, and I sobbed as Indre shook her head at me.

“You know you need this, Talia. You need to rid yourself of the fear. To trust that even though there is pain, you are ours to command, ours to subdue, and ours to protect.”

“Ask for it, girl,” Blaise demanded. “Take your punishment. Submission is your safety, Talia.”

Klev cracked the leather strap against my cheek again, then soothed over the spot with his palm. He patted my ass firmly, then squeezed so hard it made me cry out. “Five strikes from me, five from Blaise, and five from Indre. That is your punishment for denying us the sight of you and for running and endangering yourself. Don’t make it worse by denying us this.”

Klev snapped me with the strap, then reached forward and grabbed my hair, his mouth against my ear. “I told you I would not promise you freedom from pain, but with it would come pleasure. Now ask for your punishment so we can enjoy that pretty, soaking wet cunt.” He took the leather and dragged it between my thighs, the strap spreading my wetness up between my cheeks. “Your little pussy is begging for us, Talia. Don’t deny it the pleasure it so desperately needs.”

I didn’t want to admit how right he was. The hollow space between my legs—my pussy, my cunt—was throbbing with need. Blaise let out a low moan that mingled with the grunts and pants from the soldiers rutting into women around the room.

“Ask for your punishment, girl,” he practically snarled. “Do it. I want to fuck that pretty cunt. I want to see it licked and fingered and filled with cock, then look at it again when it’s dripping with cum.”

I gasped, my eyes widening when Indre let out a low moan and her own hand trailed between her legs, rubbing softly over her sex and over the swollen nub at the top of her folds. She was glistening wet, and my mouth watered at the sight, my hips wiggling as I tried to relieve the ache between my legs. “Do it, girl. Ask Klev to spank your luscious little ass for being such a bad girl earlier.”

Klev laughed and yanked my hair again, his eyebrows lifting as he looked down at my face. I swallowed, my lips trembling and my voice a whisper when I spoke.

“Please… please, punish me,” I begged, shocked by the relief that flooded through me, the peace I felt at submitting to their dominance.