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Taming Naia Grabs Two Top 100 Spots

Taming Naia by Natasha Knight Makes Top100

Natasha Knight’s latest book has made the Amazon Top 100 lists for Romantic Erotica and BDSM Erotica.  Congratulations to Natasha!

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★★★★★Normandie Alleman @ Caliente in Miami! 

I love BDSM books, but I’m not a big fan of those that take place in a club or dungeon so when this book started in that setting I was like “okaaaay”. However, Ms. Knight’s writing kept me reading, and I was pleased to find the rest of the book took place in other settings. Having lived in Miami for years I particularly liked the segment of the book that took place there.

Natasha Knight takes great care with her characterization and her hero and heroine practically jump off the page. She delves into their emotional lives as well as their sexual ones, and evokes a tenderness not often found in stories devoted to painful activities. If you haven’t read her books – what are you waiting for? And I recommend this one as a good place to start.

★★★★★ Ashe Barker @ “loved the opening hostility between the two main characters”
I first read this story under its previous title of Naia and The Professor, but it’s lost nothing in the rebranding.
This was a really intriguing scenario, loved the opening hostility between the two main characters. Nothing like a bit of righteous anger to add spice to a spanking…Naia met The professor when he taught her at high school. She had a monster crush on him, but the consummate professional, he rejected her advances. Hell hath no fury and all that, Naia falsely accused him of spanking her and he was sacked from his job as a result. His career ruined, he has every right to feel aggrieved when Naia walks into his club ten years later, wanting to apologise. Now he can actually administer the spanking she dreamed up years earlier. If she’ll let him. And can either of them leave it at that?A short read, but hot. And with a HEA too – what could be nicer? Highly recommend this and I’ll certainly be looking out for more by Natasha Knight.
★★★★★ Tara Finnegan @ “One of my favourite Natasha Knight books! 
This has taken over as one of my favourites of Natasha Knight’s books. It starts of with some real tension because of a past misdeed, with underlying sexual tension. Disgruntled at her professor for rejecting her advances, Naia had accused him of spanking her ten years earlier, and he lost his career and his reputation as a result. She looks him up, ostensibly to make amends, but really, because she has held a flame for him along with her guilt. She finally gets that spanking, payback for what she cost him, but she also gets a one way ticket on a journey of self discovery in sexuality and submission and the added benefit of one hot Dom to guide her on her journey. What I loved best was that Naia’s excitement and delight in all she experienced was contagious. You felt it with her every step of the bottom tingling, panty-moistening way.
★★★★★ Katherine Deane @ Best first chapter!
One of the best first chapters I have ever read!And it didn’t stop there.I finished this awesome story in two nights, and man it was worth staying up late for!This story is described as light BDSM, and a good amount of spanking. It was scorching hot, but not sleazy.The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the overall length of the story. While I loved both characters, I would have really appreciated getting to know them more intimately, and not just in a BDSM kind of way. I mean emotionally.I would have loved to have seen a few more scenes that showed their need for each other, their pain from their past, their growth. I think these two have so much more to offer, and I didn’t get to know them as well as I would have liked. Granted, this is a series. We will probably see more of them in the other books.Overall, it was a very enjoyable, sensual, fast paced read. It was steamy, hot, erotic, and quite well written.I give this 5 stars for the writing, character chemistry, highly sensual scenes, HEA ending, and of course, awesome spankings. (There was a caning!)
★★★★★ SH @ One HOT story!”
I read this book when it was published before as ‘Naia and The Professor’ and I just read it again. I still love it as much as the first time! This is a great book and so, so HOT! Grab something cool to drink, sit down and enjoy the ride! You will be very happy you did!
★★★★★ Casey McKay @ Characters with Chemistry- A Short, Sexy Read!
I originally read this story when it was out under a different title, Naia and the Professor. If you have not read Naia’s story yet, you need to!
Naia was formerly Liam’s student. She had a crush on him and used to try to rile him up. He gives her an empty threat, and then she claims a false accusation that leads to ruining his career. We meet them ten years later. Naia is still carrying the guilt (and her love for Liam) and Liam hasn’t been able to forget her either.This is a story that easily could have been about an unlikeable, lying woman and an unforgiving, jerky guy. I was actually a little hesitant to read it the first time as I thought that is what it would be like. But the animosity between the pair in the beginning of the book just pops off the page. They have chemistry and their scenes are emotional and highly charged. Very true to life, but Ms. Knight paints them in such a way that you understand their flaws and it makes you like them, instead of hating them.
★★★★★ Renee Rose “Author” @ Anal Bead play and spanking? Yes please! This book is H-O-T!
I stayed up late reading Natasha Knight’s Taming Naia. She classifies it as casual BDSM, heavy on the spanking and it is H-O-T. I loved it, especially all the tension at the beginning of the novella between Naia and her former high school teacher, who she’d accused of giving her a bare bottomed spanking after he rejected her advances. He’d lost his job and his career over her accusation, and when she shows up ten years later to apologize, is more than prepared to give her that spanking she’d invented all those years ago.The professor makes a great Dominant and before too long, with Naia duly punished, they are off on a kinky weekend together to see if they might make it work as a couple. As you can imagine, it’s hot hot hot. Let me just tell you– I am now having fantasies about being spanked with anal bead play. Whoa.Naia is the right mix of submissive and sassy. She doesn’t just cower when the professor dominates her– she meets it all with courage and maturity.I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in spanking, BDSM or D/s. Great read!


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