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Taming Their Maiden by Demi Lane

First they will tame her. Then they will breed her.

The Kavari protect Esme’s village from the beasts that roam the surrounding lands, but each year the battle-hardened barbarians come down from their mountains to demand a shameful price.

This year that price will be Esme.

Her beautiful virgin body will be examined to ensure she is suitable for breeding, then she will be given to three of their most fearsome warriors to be used and enjoyed in any way they please.

As Esme is carried off by one of the savagely sexy brutes with her own panties stuffed in her mouth to silence her protests, his dominance awakens a helpless arousal that cannot be denied or hidden, and when an attempt at escape earns her a public punishment the humiliating lesson merely increases her need to be claimed, mounted, and mercilessly ravaged by her new masters.

She can fight it all she wants, but in her heart she knows she belongs to them already…

Publisher’s Note: Taming Their Maiden includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Demi Lane

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 65,000 words


“You were made to take our cocks, Esme,” Quade murmured, accepting a small object from one of the soldiers behind him. It was cone-shaped, tapered at the end and flaring out before narrowing dramatically into a flat base adorned with a jewel. She had no idea what it was for until Quade poured a silvery liquid over it while he slipped one finger, then two, into her forbidden hole.

“No, please,” she begged, arching dramatically when he pumped the digits a few times, then positioned the insert and began to slide it in. Slowly. Making her feel the smooth silkiness of it as it stretched her open. It hurt; the burn of her tight ring being stretched. Esme pleaded wordlessly, struggling by bucking her hips and trying to close her thighs until Quade leaned forward and sealed his lips over her clit.

A warmth blossomed inside her, radiant and bright. Heat from his circling tongue rocketed down her thighs to the tips of her toes, shooting upward into her nipples as though it was going to set her on fire. She heard herself moaning as he licked and sucked, a pressure building in her belly that was indescribable. She realized, with a horrific jolt, that it was from the object being pushed into her ass, but she didn’t care. It was so good, so deliciously good. The widest part of it sank into her and she wailed, but Quade’s tongue wove a circle of heat around her clit and she lost all control.

A new sensation, one she’d chased a thousand times in her bed back home listening to the sounds of women being fucked into bliss, tore through her like lightning. Esme writhed against his tongue, hips bucking as she screamed out into the night. Shame consumed her, but she wasn’t able to hold still, the pressure between her thighs too amazing to ignore. It flourished through her in waves while Quade continued to lavish her with firm caresses from his tongue until she fell limp onto the mattress. After a few final licks he stood up and gave her the darkest, most lascivious, most dangerous look she’d ever seen on a man’s face.

“Did I give you permission to come on my face like that?” he asked, licking his lips then wiping his chin. She swallowed and shook her head.

“Bad girl, Esme,” he purred, looking as though this was precisely what he wanted. “We’re going to have to teach you a lesson in obedience. You are not allowed to come again until I order you to.”

Two pairs of hands yanked her higher on the bed. Quade followed and pushed her legs roughly apart, Lavan and Viggo again cupping her knees and holding them back with one hand while they settled in, their free hands fondling her breasts and caressing her belly. Quade gripped his cock in hand and braced over top of her, positioning himself at her entrance while she shook her head.

“Please, Master. I couldn’t stop—”

“I know,” he said, leaning down to give her a filthy kiss as he dragged the tip of himself between her folds. He swallowed her responding moan, and chuckled softly at the yelp she let out when the tip of his cock slapped against her clit.

“I think you want to be punished,” he cooed, slapping her with his dick again. “You like being ours to use. To fuck over and over until your cunt is swollen with our cum.”

Another slap, Esme savoring the pain, and hating that he was right. She wanted it, she had begun to crave their dominance, and the dark power they seemed to exude over her. Quade looked dangerous, full of intent. He was going to take her hard, regardless of what she thought about it.

She shivered at the idea, pussy clenching tightly in anticipation, her arousal leaking out of her and onto her thighs. He slapped her clit again and Esme’s eyes rolled back as she trembled with need. She swallowed thickly, glancing down at his cock, fearful about what was coming, but desperate to have it all inside her, no matter how rough he was going to be.

“Please, Master… Have mercy,” she pleaded, knowing he would be merciless. Quade shook his head, stroking himself with lewd intent.

“Mercy is found in submission,” he said, amber eyes darkening as he pulled her hips closer. Esme whimpered, the tip of his cock parting her folds and teasing her entrance before he slid inside with one forceful thrust.

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