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Taming Their Pet Leashes a Top 50 Spot

Sara Fields new book, Taming Their Pet, has made the Top 50 in the Science Fiction Romance category on Amazon! Congratulations, Sara!

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★★★★★ Mozzy on “An absolute must to read” September 1, 2017
This book is an absolute must to read, I really adored it. It is the third book in the Captive Brides series, i thought the second book was good then this one just topped it in my opinion. Sara in my opinion writes great books anyway.

Isabella is an unregistered child, which means her birth is illegal. Unfortunately her father’s job in politics means her father is forced to turn her over to the police. Where in turn she is transferred away from earth to the detention centre. However she gets herself into trouble and the warden sells her as a pet to Noah and Zack who are brothers and run a pet training centre… its not long before Isabella soon learns what the training entails.

No spoilers here but i know you will absolutely love this book……. 5 very worthy stars.

I received an advanced copy of this book in return for an honest review.

★★★★★ monicard2005 on “ANOTHER GREAT BOOK IN THE SERIES!”  September 2, 2017
In the 3rd book of the Captive Brides series, we get the story of Isabella and her new owners, brothers Noah and Zack. Isabella, very intelligent and usually not one to be in any kind of trouble, fell into the “rebellious” group and finds herself being sold to pet trainers, brothers Noah and Zack, and that’s where she really starts to find herself. This book is heavy on “pet play” but as always, Sara Fields tells a story filled with complex characters and explosive chemistry! I love this series so much and these books just keep getting better! Can’t wait to read the next one!!! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

★★★★★ Jess G.on “It’s always the quiet ones.” September 2, 2017
Isabella aims to please and is not one to step out of line and her brothers look out for her. It is found out that she is an illegal third child and is shipped off to the detention center. She keeps her head down and does as she’s told. Until she joins Aimee’s group to rebel against the Warden.
Warden Taylor gives her two choices: take a bare bottom spanking or be sold as a bride.

Zack and Noah are brothers and they train pets: service, ponies and kittens. They end up buying Bella and taking her back to Dayhari to train her to be a pet.

Bella’s learning to be a pet for her Masters and all that goes with it. Noah and Zack figure out that she’s the pet they’ve been looking for.

I loved this book!

I read and reviewed an ARC.

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