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Taught by the Doctor by Aurie Jameson

Since she started nursing school Zoey’s life has become more hectic than ever before, but Dr. Evan Anderson has no intention of letting down the woman he loves when she needs him most. He is fully prepared to personally ensure she finishes what she started, even when that means reddening her bottom at the slightest hint that she is not taking her studies seriously enough.

But a spanking is not the only way a naughty girl can be corrected, and when Evan catches Zoey skipping class and lying about it he decides a much more shameful lesson is required. She will accompany him to his office for a very thorough examination, and by the time he is finished her cheeks will be blushing crimson and her well-punished bottom will be sore inside and out.



Publisher’s Note: Taught by the Doctor is a sequel to Tamed by the Doctor. It includes sexual scenes, spankings, and elements of medical play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Aurie Jameson

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 42,000 words


Zoey squeezed her eyes shut as she lowered herself so that her stomach was against the paper. She tucked her hands under her chest, pressing one cheek against the cool exam table, her face positioned away from Evan’s side. Her eyes popped back open when she felt Evan wrap a soft restraint around one ankle, before quickly doing the same to the other.

“Evan—” she whined, only to swallow the sound when her bottom exploded with pain. She whimpered a bit. “I mean Dr. Anderson.”

“You’ll have to be punished for that,” Evan intoned. He added a dozen sharp swats to Zoey’s bottom, barely pausing between each one.

Zoey wiggled and cried as the heat reignited in her bottom. She pressed her lips back together when Evan came around to her head and fastened her wrists in soft cuffs before securing them to the top corners of the bench. Zoey tugged against the restraints, feeling very much exposed.

Evan walked back around the table to stand between Zoey’s crudely spread legs. He gave each tense bottom cheek a firm pat and squeeze before snapping on a pair of latex gloves. Zoey flinched at the sound, keeping her eyes forward nervously. She tried to clench her bottom when she felt something cold and wet being spread on her bottom hole. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly. He was getting ready to take her temperature.

“I don’t have a fever,” she said, pulling at her ankle restraints a bit harder.

Evan spanked her twice. “Best to make sure,” he told her. Then he slipped the old-fashioned glass thermometer inside her. He grinned a bit and twirled the glass tool, watching with satisfaction when Zoey’s toes curled.

He didn’t take his hand off the thermometer the whole time, toying with it. He pulled it almost all the way out of her before shoving it back in over and over. Zoey whimpered, but didn’t comment, just wishing the humiliation would end. When Evan finally did pull the instrument out, he did so as slowly as possible, at least that’s how it felt to Zoey. Before she could even begin to feel relief, she felt something larger at her back entrance. She threw her head back to look over her shoulder to find Evan standing there with a bright pink silicone butt plug between his gloved fingers.

Zoey struggled against the restraints, crying out. “Please no, E—Dr. Anderson!” Zoey couldn’t stand having the plug pushed up inside of her. It filled her with the most intense humiliation she had ever known.

“You’re going to hold this in until bedtime,” Evan informed her as he spread lube over the tip of the plug. “Unless you’re a bad little girl. In that case, I’d have to put you to bed with the larger plug and make you hold it all night.”

“No… please,” Zoey begged.

Evan set the bottle of lube down before lining the tip up to her puckering back hole. He watched with grim amusement as the little entrance seemed to flinch away from him. “Be a good girl and take the plug. Inhale now, Zoey.” He waited until she obeyed. “Now, let it out.” Right as Zoey let out the long breath, he pushed the plug into her. Zoey shifted, but took it well, only whimpering a little bit when the widest point went inside of her.

Zoey gasped as the familiar need to submit filled her. The plug always seemed to have that effect. She felt huge waves of shame overcome her at having her most intimate hole penetrated. She heard Evan take off his gloves before he came over to take her chin in his hands, his dark blue eyes smoldering.

“Are you ready to be my good girl again?” he asked as he gripped her chin.

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