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Tennessee Law by Stella Blanche

When Sophia Connor flees New York City to escape a mafia kingpin, she only plans on making the briefest of stops in her small Tennessee hometown, but Samuel Hunter has other ideas. Upon learning that his old flame is on the run, the stern, handsome local sheriff quickly makes it clear that Sophia will be staying in his town—and obeying his rules—whether she likes it or not.

Sophia’s headstrong defiance soon earns her a painful, embarrassing spanking, yet despite the situation she cannot hide her body’s response to Samuel’s firm-handed dominance. It isn’t long before she is quivering with need and begging to be claimed hard and thoroughly, but when the mob finds out where she’s hiding can Sophia count on her Tennessee lawman to keep her safe?



Publisher’s Note: Tennessee Law is a stand-alone sequel to Under His Control. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Blanche

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 35,900 words


He tugged the scraps of lace from her breasts, pushing the material to below her breasts and tugged on her already painfully hard nipples. He lowered his head and allowed his teeth to graze the sensitive peak, reveling in her soft gasp of pleasure. After giving both of her breasts equal attention, he covered them again with the soft lace before standing back.

“Take off your panties and turn around.” Sophie’s breath was labored as her nipples still tingled with even the slightest movement, scraping against her bra, but she immediately complied.

Sam grabbed her panties from her and rubbed them between her legs, at her center, soaking up some of her dripping juices.

“Open your mouth.” Sophie’s stomach dropped with a ka-thump as she obediently opened her mouth and Sam stuffed her soaked panties into her mouth. She tasted her sweet and salty juices on the lace and it only served in arousing her further.

“Turn around, legs spread wide and straight. Head and arms on the bed.” Sophie bit down on the panties to contain her moan. His voice like that, firm and dominating, had more juices leaking from her weeping pussy, now open and on full display for him. His fingers trailed up her leg, caressing her into a trembling mess but a hard smack to her bare ass had her locking her knees and forcing her legs to remain still and stiff. Two of his fingers entered her slowly before trailing up to her bottom, lubricating the puckering hole with her juices. He worked slowly, repeating the action until she felt one of his fingers dip slightly into the hole.

“Did you get yourself waxed for me today?” Sophie could only nod as the adrenaline rushing through her veins had the blood pumping loudly in her ears, but not nearly enough to distract her from what Sam was doing.

His hands left her body, but not for long as she heard the Ben Wa balls jingle melodically. He rubbed them on her soaked pussy a few times, teasing her even more before pushing them into her pussy firmly. She moaned loudly as the second one followed behind the first quickly. They were big and deliciously heavy as they laid snugly inside her pussy, rubbing right on her g-spot. Her spine stiffened as she felt his attention return to her tiny rosette.

“Don’t lose me now, baby, just relax.” Sam’s voice was soothing as he rubbed a tender hand over her ass cheek. She exhaled loudly through her nose and forced herself to relax.

“Good girl.” He pressed his finger against her protesting hole and had to take a deep breath himself to remind him to go slow. He applied a bit more pressure and Sophie moaned as he finally gained a bit of flexibility and pushed his finger in a bit more before slowly pulling out and pushing in deeper again. He started slowly finger fucking her ass and Sophie dropped her head and relaxed her shoulders as she gave herself over to all the sensations running through her body. She could feel her orgasm building but just as she was about to burst, Sam’s fingers and heat left her body and she moaned in protest. Sam stepped back and appreciated the sight before him. He could see the small butterfly connected to the Ben Wa balls’ string. It was swinging slightly around Sophie’s slightly swollen mound, almost like a real butterfly that flittered around a flower.

“Absolutely gorgeous. Now turn around, remove your gag.” Sophie stood and felt slightly off kilter at all the sensations running through her. She was on the edge and only needed a slight push and she’d be coming like there was no tomorrow. She removed her slightly damp panties from her mouth, all traces of her pussy juices gone due to her tormented moans as Sam had tortured her.

“Put them on, kneel, and suck me off, baby.”


Sophie rushed to get her panties on, trying to ignore the roll and tug of the balls as she moved. She was on her knees in front of Sam before he had even had time to take himself out of his pants. She opened her mouth, eager to taste him, to please him, to pleasure him.

Sam pulled back slightly and looked down at her. “No coming, I will be the only one to make you come.”

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