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The Admiral and the Orphan by Chula Stone

The Admiral and the OrphanKyla O’Guinn was forced to fend for herself over the years since her father died at sea, and by the age of twenty she has grown quite adept at petty theft. Yet when she attempts a burglary at the home of the Baron of Tynell, her luck runs out and she is caught red-handed. As a former admiral accustomed to enforcing strict discipline when it is necessary, the baron decides to handle her chastisement personally, and soon she is over his knee for a sound spanking.

The admiral finds himself captivated by Kyla from the moment he sets eyes on the feisty Irish girl, and when he discovers that she is the daughter of a man who gave his life for king and country while serving under his command in the Royal Navy, he takes it upon himself to see that she is provided for. His enchantment with her intensifies after they share a kiss in an unguarded moment of passion, but in a fit of pride she refuses his charitable assistance and flees his home.

In the days that follow he grows ever more firmly set on doing right by Kyla, and when at last he finds her in a workhouse, he makes it clear that he will be looking after her from now on, whether she likes it or not. Sensing his determination—and admitting to herself that the thought of being the handsome admiral’s bride sets her heart racing—Kyla accepts his offer of marriage.

After the wedding, it doesn’t take long for Kyla to realize that she has quite a bit to learn before she is ready for life as a baroness. Her new husband soon proves that though he is a patient and loving man, he expects obedience from his wife and is more than ready to deal sternly with behavior unbecoming of a lady. Despite his firm discipline, Kyla’s love for him grows with each passing day, but can an orphan ever truly find a place in society at the side of an admiral?

Publisher’s Note: The Admiral and the Orphan contains spankings of an adult woman, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Chula Stone

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 77,200 words


“Why are you here, young lady?”

“I’m sorry? I don’t understand. I’m here because you told me to be here.”

Flint allowed himself a reluctant smile. “Yes, of course. I mean to say, tell me why I have called you here. Why do you find yourself in this embarrassing position?”

“I… Oh, Flint, must I?”

“It’s part of your correction. You must learn that nothing should come between us. We are one, you and I. Nothing I require should daunt you because you should know that I shall never ask anything of you that is not for your own good. It may not be enjoyable, but it will be instructive and for your benefit. Now, I shall ask you again: why have I called you here?”

“Because I was rude and… rash in my actions. I should have waited for you to help me with my problem, rather than running off and trying to solve it myself.”

“What about putting yourself in danger? You mustn’t fail to mention that.”

Kyla nodded ruefully. “I also put myself in danger. That’s what I meant by being rash.”

“Ah, yes, that is one way to put it. Softens the sharp sting of discomfiture, doesn’t it, to call something by words not so very terrible. But in order for the lesson to be learned and remembered, there is often need for awkward honesty. I want to hear the words from you, my dear. I want you to ask me to give you the punishment that a naughty, disobedient wife deserves. Ask me to spank your bare bottom.”

“Oh, Flint, please! I can’t.”

“You can and you will. Now, do as you are told or it will be the worse for you.” He held his breath, hoping she would comply.

She took a deep breath and he could almost see her internal struggle. Self-preservation won out. “Will you please spank my bare bottom?”

“Go on. Explain why I should do so.”

“Because I have been naughty and disobedient.”

“Exactly so. Because I love you as a careful and caring husband should, I am going to spank you so that you will never act in such a dangerous and unbecoming way again.” He went to stand behind her and ran his hand over her upturned bottom for several long moments before beginning to apply his palm sharply with hot stinging swats.

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