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The Admiral’s Ward by Dinah Mcleod

When her father arranges an unwanted marriage for her, eighteen-year-old Delia McDowe runs away from home and seeks to travel across the sea. After regaling him with a fanciful tale of woe, she is able to convince Admiral James McCray to grant her passage on his ship, but the strict gentleman makes it clear that during the voyage she will obey him or be sternly chastised.

Once aboard, Delia soon learns the hard way that the admiral will not hesitate to spank her soundly and that continued disobedience will earn her an even sharper correction with the cane. Even with her cheeks blushing and her bottom welted, however, Delia finds herself longing for James to take her in his arms, and when he claims her at last she is left spent and satisfied. But when her deception is finally revealed, will he send her home in shame or ask for her hand?



Publisher’s Note: The Admiral’s Ward includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Dinah McLeod

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 57,000 words


“You feared I would spank you for this horrible breach in ladylike behavior?”


“You are quite right, madam, and I shall.” Before she could so much as utter a protest he had closed the remaining distance between them, taken a seat and pulled her over his lap.

“James… please… please, don’t! I promise I shall never—”

“Oh, once you have felt how good it feels, I suspect you shall.” And then he began to spank her bare bottom. His hand was cupped and the spanks were firm, but they did not hurt. He gave them slowly, one cheek, then the next.

Because she had been caned on the bare the day before even the gentlest of spanks would have caused her bottom to sting. But much to her surprise she found that it only increased her ardor. Before long she felt herself grinding over his lap.

“More, poppet?”

She nodded, mewling her assent.

The admiral obliged, increasing the strength behind the smacks just slightly and he continued until she was biting down on her palm to muffle the sounds of her pleasure. She could feel that her bottom was pleasantly pink and her sex had dripped juice down her thighs.

Before she knew what was happening, he had slid her off his lap. “We are going to be late for breakfast,” he murmured sexily.

“Are you going to spank me for that, too?” Her eyes sparkled up at him.

“Do not be cheeky, poppet. Especially when I was about to help you.”

Her breath hitched and her tummy flipped. “Help me… how?”

“This is your first time,” he observed, nodding at her sex.

Delia felt her cheeks heat once more. “Yes.”

“I thought perhaps you would like some advice on how to proceed.”

His eyes felt like a caress that radiated down her body even though he kept his gaze respectfully on her face. “Yes… please.”

“Put your fingers in… yes, like that. Now, if you move them in and out… perhaps a bit faster?”

Her heart was pounding wildly and it was only partly due to the fact that pleasure was coursing through her. She had never thought a moment like this was possible. That a man she very much liked would, instead of being horrified at her unladylike behavior, help her achieve her pleasure. There was something deliciously, decadently naughty about it, and she was coming to find that she liked to be chastised.

“Perhaps it might be better if I showed you. Will you allow me?”

Delia could not breathe. She had not thought this morning could get any better, and here he was, showing her how wrong she was. She had lost the ability to speak and could only nod.

The admiral dropped down to one knee and placed a hand over her fingers that were in her pussy. His hand was so big compared to hers, so warm and strong. Hardly able to believe that this was real and not some figment of her overactive imagination, Delia watched in wonder as he began to guide her hand. At first, her fingers moved slowly at his direction, plunging in and out of her sopping folds, making loud, wet noises that made her blush.

James, on the other hand, smiled to hear them. Then he was moving her hand faster while she bit down on her bottom lip to contain the moans. “No, don’t. I want to hear you, Delia.”

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