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The Alpha’s Hunger Feasts On A #1 Spot


Renee Rose‘s latest release, The Alpha’s Hunger, has scored a #1 Spot in Amazon’s Paranormal Erotica category and it’s also in the Top 10 of Amazon’s Erotic Suspense category! Way to go, Renee!

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★★★★★  Laurel @ “Exciting New Shifter Romance by Renee Rose” on May 8, 2015
Wow! What a fantastic book. Once I started it I couldn`t put it down until I finished it. Renee Rose goes deep into the emotions and feelings of the characters. The dialog was real and teriffic, Laugh out loud funny, tear provoking and extreamly touching. The Alpha is a sexy shifter, Ben Stone and his new personal assistant is a beautiful, adorable woman, Ashley. The mutual attraction is instantly felt the moment they met and so the story begins.

There is love, romance, violence, danger, suspense, panty melting spanking and sex with paranormal thrown into the mix makes a wonderful read.

I hope there is a sequel because the twin sister of Ashley, has a story to tell. Hint, hint, Renee.

★★★★★  noangel @ “Awesome must read” on May 9, 2015
This story is well written with a plot the keeps you turning the pages The story is Hot It has everything you could ask for and more!!! There is romance action suspense sexy scenes A strong Alpha male a strong and sweet heroin and oh so much more.AS the Hero and heroine go through so many twist and turns but don’t take my word for it go grab the book I will tell you it is so good I couldn’t put it down I didn’t stop reading until I couldn’t keep my eye’s open anymore and I picked it right back up as soon as I could this is one book you Do Not want to Miss

Great Story Mrs. Renee Rose I really hope we see some more of all the characters may another book or two There where a few hot wolves that I would love to read about

★★★★★  Renee @ “One hot story” on May 9, 2015
Wow, this is one hot story. Ben is an alpha working hard to deny his true self. Everyone is afraid of Ben or stays out of his way. Ashley is a human that isn’t afraid of him and doesn’t seem to know any better. When these two cross paths flames erupt. Loved the characters and the premise. I could not put this story down. Hope there are more stories with this pack.

★★★★★   Katherine Deane @ “Sexy paranormal!” on May 11, 2015
I love shifter books, and I love Renee Rose, so this made for a great combination!

Ashley was beautiful, strong, and not afraid to back down, even to the very Dominant, owner of the company, “Stone Man”, Ben Stone. This guy oozed testosterone, and even scared off most of his upper level management.

But Ashley held her own, with a quick wit and an awesome personality.

Things heated up pretty nicely between the two- at least until the kidnapping, bomb in the suitcase, rival shifters, etc…

This was such an awesome paranormal adventure.

But then, Renee interwove the wonderful sex and chemistry, and some fantastic dominance and submission and yummy spankings.

I loved this book!
It was all over, fantastic!

★★★★★   SH @ “Can you spell HOT?!” on May 8, 2015
What a smoking HOT book! Whew, and I am not kidding in the least! Ben Stone is pure alpha wolf, I just love shifters, but he is struggling with some personal things from his past and comes off as stiff and unfriendly to his employees. Ashley is lucky, although she’s not so sure at the time, to meet him accidentally while working late at the office one night. What follows is a romantic, suspenseful, dangerous, sexy as hell adventure you don’t want to miss! The chemistry between the two of them is hot enough to melt your kindle. Grab a glass of water and a fan, you’re going to need them!

★★★★★   Windsong @ “Raw alpha goodness” on May 13, 2015
Ashley is human and draws Ben like no one ever has.
Ben is a shifter wolf with a sad past.

He has been left with his deceased brother’s tech company and the responsibility for making sure his brother’s wife and pups are cared for. And taking over the alpha position in the pack. He takes the company, not the pack

People aren’t happy, wolves aren’t happy, and the pheromones are out of control

Mating, marking, shifting, spanking, and out of control emotions are mixed with alpha dominance. Yum.
Good movement, good story, nice characterizations. I have not historically liked shifter books but I liked this one.

★★★★★   Adaline @ “Scorching hot romance with lots of twists” on May 12, 2015
Renee’s shifter romance will seriously keep you on the edge of your seat, or bed, or wherever you happen to be sitting. Ben Stone is so much more than he appears to be, and his lovely assistant Ashley is his perfect match. I love her spark, but most of all, I love how much she loves him. So many amazing twists and turns, had me hooked from the very first page. I sincerely hope for more wolves in the future. Loved it! Be sure to check out the sizzling companion story, The Alpha’s Punishment. I just can’t get enough of these two!

★★★★★   Lolly @ “Loved It!” on May 12, 2015
Wow! Talk about a hot paranormal romance! Renee Rose has another hit story on her hands. The chemistry between Ben and Ashley was sizzling as this reluctant Alpha comes into his own. A must-read for those who enjoy wolf-shifter books with some D/s and spanking along with the romance.

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