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The Capo: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

She was off-limits… until I made her mine.

By the time I knew the beautiful little firecracker who snuck into one of my clubs was my best friend’s daughter, I’d already reddened her bare ass with my belt and ravaged her thoroughly.

But now that I’ve claimed her, I’m keeping her.

Forbidden fruit just tastes sweeter…






Publisher’s Note: The Capo is the second book in the Savage Empire series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 96,000 words


“I think I already hate you.”

“A very good idea.” I issued the first crack of my belt and she shuddered, fisting her hands. But to her credit, she didn’t move more than a few inches, shifting back and forth from foot to foot.

I thought about what I’d said to her in French and smiled. Bad girls learn the meaning of the word consequences early in life. That’s when they also understand that often punishments are required. In the lovely woman’s case, my instinct told me she was the kind of girl who ran toward danger, taking far too many unnecessary risks. If she were mine, I’d keep her on a tight leash.

After caressing one side of her bottom then the other, I delivered two in rapid succession, forcing me to stop and take a deep breath. Not only was I far too enticed by what I was doing but her perfume had intoxicated me in a way that shocked the playboy inside.

This time, her legs began to shake, the vixen resting her face against the wall. It was impossible not to admire the beauty, my desire to fuck her becoming stronger, her scattered whimpers calling to me like a beacon of sin.

“You’re doing very well,” I told her.

She threw a look over her shoulder and dragged her tongue across her bottom lip. Saying nothing, she closed her eyes.

Once again, I brought the edge of the belt down the length of her spine, tapping one side of her bottom then the other before cracking the thick leather against her blushing buttocks.

She squealed, kicking up one of her legs, but her breathing remained as ragged as before. “That’s… horrible. Painful.”

“As all rounds of punishment should be.” I moved her legs further apart, immediately able to see her glistening pussy lips. “You are so wet, beautiful doll. I think having a man take a firm hand with you is exactly what you’ve needed.”


Her denial was followed by a sway of her hips. I couldn’t resist, thrusting two fingers past her swollen folds. Her moan was just another sweet reward. After pulling them out, I crowded her space. “Open your mouth.”

She did so without looking at me. When I shoved my fingers past her lips, she immediately clamped down, licking without being told. My entire body responded to the girl, my pulse increasing. I’d need to finish her round of punishment soon or I’d lose all sense of control. Every sound she made yanked at the darkness. As soon as I removed my fingers, I started again, marking her bottom every time I brought the strap down.

Her cries continued, her mouth twisting as pain wrapped around her luscious body. I was truly a sadist because her whimpers only fueled the fire burning deep within. Another crackle of electricity sparked the second I snapped the belt against her upper thighs. Not only because of her body’s reaction, but also the words of anger rushing past her lush lips.

“Goddamn it. You’re a fucking cruel asshole.”

“Yes, little doll. I am.” I finished up her spanking, doling out one after another, uncertain I’d even counted correctly. A growl drifting up from my throat, I tossed the belt aside, wasting no time lowering my trousers. She didn’t fight me as I yanked her away from the wall, my fingers digging into her hips. Even I shuddered the moment I thrust the entire length of my cock deep into her tight little channel.

“Oh… my…” Her face lit up as before, her long eyelashes skimming across her cheeks.

“So tight, baby girl. So damn tight.” I pulled almost all the way out, driving into her again, the force pitching her against the wall. The moment was spectacular, reminding me I was very much alive. So, I let myself go, fucking her like some crazed animal instead of a man. If she minded, I couldn’t tell.

Not that I would have stopped.