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The Captain’s Little Girl by Pepper North

Though Captain Mark Cunningham has wanted beautiful waitress Cricket Wilson to be his little girl for years, he’s old enough to be her father and he’s always told himself he isn’t right for her. But when the battle-hardened special forces officer barely makes it home alive from a dangerous assignment, he decides it is time to do what he should have done ages ago and claim her as his.

Cricket is delighted when the handsome soldier she’s dreamed about for so long finally takes her in his arms, and no matter how bright red she blushes she has never felt safer and more loved than when he bathes her, puts her in diapers, and even brings her to the medic for a very intimate exam. But when a mission puts her new daddy behind enemy lines will she lose him forever?



Publisher’s Note: The Captain’s Little Girl is a stand-alone novel which is the fifth entry in the Soldier Daddies series. It includes sexual scenes and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Pepper North

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 38,000 words


When he laid her on the utilitarian comforter covering his bed, she curled up in a ball, never opening her eyes. Cricket heard water running but dismissed it as unimportant.

“No. Just let me sleep,” she mumbled, pushing at the arms that wrapped around her to pick her up.

“You’re sticky, baby girl. A quick bath and then bed. You’ll sleep better clean.”

“Nooo!” she wailed quietly as she struggled.

Whack! Heat blossomed on her bottom at the sharp swat. It wasn’t a playful spank like she’d gotten in the past. This was a ‘I mean business’ spank. Immediately, Cricket relaxed against her daddy’s shoulder.

“Good girl,” he praised as he carried her into the bathroom to stand her next to the filled tub.

Cricket groaned at the sight of the warm, steamy water waiting for her. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all. She reached for the bottom of her T-shirt to tug it over her head, but Mark’s hands closed over hers.

“Daddy’s here to help.” He brushed her hands away and added, “Raise your arms, baby girl.”

When Cricket followed his directions, Mark gently pulled the garment over her head. Her bra joined the discarded shirt in the corner soon after. The thought she should be self-conscious flitted through her head, but Cricket quickly let that evaporate. She was too tired to worry about anything as he took care of her.

“Step into the tub, Cricket,” Mark urged when she was nude.

Sinking into the warm water with a sigh of delight, Cricket leaned back against the tub and closed her eyes. She heard him kneel next to her on the tiled floor and peeked under her lashes to watch as Mark wet a washcloth and added a dab of sweet-smelling liquid soap.

“You don’t use that to shower,” she mumbled as he lifted her arm from the water and smoothed the cloth over her skin.

“You don’t think I need to smell like a beautiful flower?” he asked.

“No. You need something rugged like… mesquite-flavored shower gel or whiskey,” she rambled. “Then you’d taste good. I mean, you already taste good. Well, at least the parts I’ve gotten to lick.”

At his chuckle, she squinted up at him. “It’s awfully light in here. I can’t go to sleep with all that brightness.”

“We’ll turn off the light soon. Lean forward. Let me clean your back.”

“Ooo! That feels so good. Will you give me a bath again when I’m awake?” she requested.

“Of course, baby,” Mark agreed. “Close your eyes so I can wash your face. Good girl.”

She moaned softly as he smoothed over her throat and chest. The cloth didn’t linger on her curves, but simply washed her thoroughly. He helped her lean back before cleaning her abdomen and between her legs.

“Daddy?” she questioned, widening her legs to invite his caresses.