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The Correction Academy by Samantha Madisen

correctionacademy_detailAfter a revolution sweeps across the Earth and the rich and powerful are overthrown, Portia Casson is captured by the authorities of the new regime. After a shameful public spanking, she is whisked away by Dr. Daniel Damas and taken to the Correction Academy, a facility where the young women of the old upper class are taught their place in the new society.

Portia soon finds herself naked and blushing as she is thoroughy and intimately examined by the handsome doctor, but despite her protests she cannot hide her helpless arousal. Before long she is yearning for Daniel to claim her in any way he pleases, and surrendering to his masterful lovemaking brings her pleasure more intense than she would have ever dreamed.

Though her bond with Daniel grows stronger with each passing day, when one of the men who runs the Academy becomes aware of their romance it puts Portia’s safety in jeapordy. Will Daniel do what it takes to protect her, even if it means putting his own life at risk as well?

Publisher’s Note: The Correction Academy includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Samantha Madisen

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 38,300 Words


“You may undress,” the doctor said as he stepped over to one side of the room. He turned on a tap and began washing his hands.

Portia hesitated for a moment. The fact that she’d been naked at the spanking pole did not make it any easier to just disrobe in front of three strangers. The nurse and Simon were still standing in the room.

Portia felt the robe she’d been wearing slip off. She gasped and turned around to see the nurse walking away with it and a few moments later she dropped it into a hamper. Once again, Portia’s arms swept over her breasts and her womanhood. Why was this necessary? Why did she have to be naked in front of everyone?

“Portia, will you take a seat in the examination chair, please?” she heard the doctor ask.

She turned back around to see him standing in front of her. A deep embarrassment made her cheeks glow red. She looked down at the floor.

“Portia, there’s no need to be ashamed around us. I can tell you are shy about your body. We do not seek to control women or sex the way the Elites did. You can feel free and open in here.”

Control women? That wasn’t what had happened in the Old Order, was it? Portia had never felt controlled. She’d felt content and safe. And sex? What was that? A distant glimmer of memory sparkled in her mind. There had been the time her mother had discovered her with her hand between her legs. She’d received an admonishment for that.

With her hands still covering her breasts and core, Portia shuffled toward the chair. The doctor and the nurse followed. Portia turned around and tried to climb up into it but it was too high.

“Allow me to help,” Simon said, stepping forward and taking her arm.

Portia gasped at his forwardness and forgot herself. In the old days he would have lost a hand for touching her. Instinct fuelled her next move as she slapped him across the cheek.

Simon shook his head and rubbed his fingers over the spot where her hand had connected with his cheek.

Suddenly, Portia felt the doctor’s firm grip on her arm. He bent her forward until she was holding herself up on the chair with her hands.

“Please,” Portia whispered. “I didn’t mean it.”

“Though I believe that you didn’t,” the doctor replied, “that is one of the first instincts that needs to be trained out of a former Elite.”

Portia opened her mouth to protest again. The part of her mind she’d been trying to hide from kept any words from coming out. Because as worried as she was about the pain her correction would bring, the thought of the doctor’s hand on her backside made the feeling come. The ache. The throb in between her legs and the wetness.

“Ah!” Portia gasped as the doctor’s firm palm landed on her ass. He was spanking her harder this time, as if what he’d done in the car had only been an introduction to what he was capable of. His hand slammed into her other cheek. Portia felt herself being thrown forward with each painful strike and she had to steady herself on the large chair to keep from falling forward.

There was a pause in the spanking. “Now do you understand what sort of correction you will get for this kind of behavior?” the doctor asked. “Do you understand why you’ve been a naughty girl?”

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