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The Cowboy’s Princess by Jessica Belle

When Shauna Bradford decided to spend a few weeks at the Rocking C Ranch, she planned to use the time away from it all to write her next play, and the last thing she expected was to end up doing chores under the strict supervision of the stern, handsome cowboy who owns the place.

Levi Cassidy is a fair-minded man, and after a major financial blunder leaves Shauna unable to cover the cost of her stay at his ranch, he gives her a chance to work off her debt without getting the law or the courts involved. But when he catches her trying to sneak off without paying what she owes, Levi takes the beautiful, headstrong girl over his knee and gives her the sound spanking she has so desperately needed since the moment she first set foot on his property.

Over the coming weeks, Shauna learns the hard way that her new boss will not tolerate laziness, disobedience, or sass, and her bottom pays the price for her disrespectful behavior on multiple occasions. Yet despite her situation, Levi’s firm-handed correction arouses Shauna deeply, and with each painful, embarrassing chastisement her desire for him grows more intense. But when her debt has been repaid and she is free to return to her life in the city, will she leave him behind?

Publisher’s Note: The Cowboy’s Princess includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jessica Belle

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 67,100 Words


“When you thought you had money, so you were acting like a spoiled brat—”

“Spoiled brat?” she interrupted him. “You mean when I was expecting decent service as a paying customer? There’s a saying you might want to get familiar with: The customer is always right. You can’t even keep enough employees around, let alone guests! Don’t blame me if you’re understaffed because no one wants to work for you. Maybe it’s your sunny disposition—”

Levi’s eyes narrowed. He was done. “I believe it’s time to turn you sunny side up for a taste of my disposition.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her over his right thigh, lifting her bottom up with his right knee, his left hand holding her upper body down, delighting in just how much of her bare bottom was exposed now. He could see her tan lines. Levi brought his right hand down in a hard swat on her lower cheeks and decided he liked her Daisy Mae shorts after all.

“Oooww!” she cried out, lifting her legs behind her.

He cupped her bare lower left cheek in his palm, and when her legs went back down, he smacked it, hard, and smiled as his handprint surfaced in pink on her skin. She kicked her legs, and he grabbed her upper thighs and held them, then reached over with his left hand and smacked her right cheek. She jerked her body up, and he readjusted her bottom over his left thigh, trapping her kicking legs between his own. Shauna screamed in frustration as Levi placed his right palm across her upturned bottom and said calmly, “Seems like you’ve just about been begging me to paint your back porch red, what with the attitude lately. I’m happy to oblige.”

He spanked her bottom thoroughly, sometimes over her shorts, sometimes on her bare skin. She tried to twist away, but he had her trapped. “I don’t want a spanking! You can’t do this to me!” she cried.

“Oh, you need a spanking, princess, and I surely can do this to you. Do you know why?” He paused, brought his lips close to her ear and whispered, patting her bottom as he spoke. “Because even though you holler and protest, I think deep down you know you need this.” Levi rained a rapid-fire volley of stinging swats across her cheeks, ignoring her cries, spanking her soundly.

“You don’t even know me! Oooowww!” She kept trying to kick and squirm away, but he had her trapped and kept spanking that naughty bottom in spite of her thrashing about.

“I know you well enough.” He pulled her little shorts up higher, exposing more of her bare backside.

“You pull those back down now!” she cried, incensed.

“Not a bad idea.” Levi grabbed her shorts by the lower fringe and yanked them down, exposing her pale blue lace thong and the sweetest bottom he’d ever laid eyes on.

“No! Not down!” she screeched. The horses in the nearby barn nickered.

“I’m just doing what the princess asked for.” He spanked through her defiance, her demands that he stop, through her pleading, and all the way until he heard actual regret in her voice and felt no more resistance in her body. Then he caressed her hot cheeks and patted her lightly. “Are you going to be a good girl now, or do you need more?”

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