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The Daddy She Needed by Shelly Douglas

When Jillian Rae Walsh finally meets fellow author Joseph McDormand after flirting online for months, she has no choice but to admit that she has been lying to him about her age and life experiences. Rather than the divorced, early-middle-aged woman she had pretended to be in the hopes that readers would take her more seriously, she is actually twenty-two and never married.

Joseph makes it clear that he will not tolerate being lied to, and if they are going to pursue a romance Jillian will need to be punished for her deception. All is forgiven after a well-deserved bare-bottom spanking and some time in the corner to reflect on her naughty behavior, but it isn’t long before an ill-advised drive home after a night of drinking gets her in more serious trouble.

Deciding that it is time for more drastic action, Joseph informs Jillian that he will be taking on the role of her firm but loving daddy, and she soon learns that there are more intimate, embarrassing ways than a spanking to teach a naughty little girl to be good. Yet even when his stern punishments leave her cheeks blushing and her bottom sore both inside and out, Jillian cannot imagine feeling safer and more loved than she does in Joseph’s arms.

But Jillian has not told Joseph the full truth about her past, and when a man who has hurt her before seems intent on doing so again it will be up to him to keep her safe. Can her daddy find a way to protect his little girl before it is too late?

Publisher’s Note: The Daddy She Needed includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Shelly Douglas

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 50,200 Words


“And now for that piece of ginger root that you seem to be begging for, naughty girl.”

“Oh, God, no!” Her words spilled out through clenched teeth as she felt him rub the prepared root onto her shivering rosette. Although she did enjoy having her hind end stretched with a dildo, Jill knew from research that this kind of plug was not only meant to be embarrassing, but also painful. As he touched the soaked, carved stub to the opening of her smooth, puckered hole, her eyes shut tight with anxious anticipation, knowing it was going to burn like hell.

“Jill, you need to be punished for disobeying me. Now it’s important for me to hear that you understand what’s about to happen.”

“But I just promised never to do it again,” she muttered.

“That’s not an answer.”

“F-Fine. I understand,” she managed, her voice quaking.

“Good. Now bend over the counter and stop clenching that naughty ass of yours,” he growled, parting her buttocks wide as he nudged the shaved plug into her anus. Easing the tip of the plant in and out a couple of times, he stretched her enough to fill her back entrance, and patted her hip when the root was successfully seated inside.

“Now, let’s give that a moment to simmer, and then we’ll see how it feels to disobey me.”

“What do you mean, we’ll see?” she immediately sassed. But in a few minutes, she began swaying her hips back and forth and involuntarily pressed her quivering cheeks together. “Please, Joey. I’m sorry!”

“Now, now, now. If you did your homework, you’d know not to squeeze your bottom like that. It will only draw the spicy oil out of this plant…”

“Ooh, it’s starting to burn! Please take it out. I’ve learned my lesson!” she begged, automatically drawing her round globes together as he gave them a brisk swat.

“You’re doing it again,” he warned through a dirty grin, watching her cleft form a straight, grim line.

“I can’t stop,” she whined, waving her burning hind end back and forth.

“Is it possible to receive some respect from that smart mouth of yours today?”

“I’m sorry, Joey. I really am.”

“Finally, we’re making some progress in that department,” he uttered in a soft tone. “Now, bend and spread a bit more, so I can see if that naughty pussy of yours is getting all wet and needy.”

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