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The Devil of Whiskey Row Makes Western Top 100!

The Devil of Whiskey Row by Renee Rose (Accomplishment Post)Renee Rose does it again! We’re so proud to announce that her new erotic western novel, The Devil of Whiskey Row, made it the Top 100 list in Amazon’s Western category! Congratulations, Renee!

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★★★★★ Sexy and tender all at once. (N. Knight)

I loved this latest book by Renee Rose as much as the others I’ve read. It’s a western and although I’m not normally drawn to westerns, this was terrific.

I’d been reading teaser blurbs for a few weeks prior to the release and the book did not disappoint. It started off hot with Cora and Jake’s first meeting where the author wasn’t afraid to jump into it and didn’t hold back with a punishment that immediately asserted Jake’s power over Cora. As the relationship developed, there was a scene of such complete tenderness between the two – just a tiny little detail that really spoke to the heart and added layers of dimension to Jake. Cora was sweet – although she’d been toughened by circumstances. It was still easy for me to like her and to want it to work out between her and Jake. Spanking scenes were aplenty (thank you:), sex was terrific and at the end (I will try not to spoil it for you 🙂 there was a treat!!!

I love the consistency in Renee Rose’s books – she’s just not afraid to push limits.

★★★★★ Oh, Yes! (Corinne)

Renee is one of my favorite authors. This book is my absolute favorite yet. The writing is as exquisite as ever. The words just transport you into the story. The hero, Jake (who doesn’t just swoon at the name Jake,) brings chivalry to the wild west in his hot, masculine, and spankocentric way. (Swoon…fanning myself!) Cora starts out a victim; the true picture of vulnerability yet her inner strength builds with each page. Her character development is flawless. This book is filled (to the brim) with scorching HOT spanking (and so much more!) You will have to read it to find out what I’m talking about, but ICARAMBA it’s good stuff!

★★★★★ (SH @ Blushing Books)

Renee Rose has done it again with her latest book! Oh, I absolutely loved it!! Cora and Jake have been brought together by circumstance but both have a sad history that makes them vulnerable to each other. Through a detailed plot, characters with some depth, and some sizzling writing you get drawn into the story and have a wonderful time. I felt as if I was actually watching what was happening, not just reading. I read it in one sitting as I just had to know what was to come next. I appreciated the HEA and I believe this is one I will definitely read again!! Well done!!

★★★★★ (Katie M.@ Goodreads)

I loved this story! It was such a fast paced, fun read, that I couldn’t put it down! I love romance stories, especially when a strong woman gets taken over an even stronger man’s lap. And this happened a lot! The spankings were done with just the right amount of dominance, plenty to curb a young woman’s behavioral issues, but not so much as to break her spirit.

The redemptive qualities of both of the main characters also really drew me in. Daddy Diggs (Jake)- the owner of a brothel in an old western town- has the guilt and shame of a past filled with loss. Cora is a young woman who was forced into prostitution when her parents died.

They are both able to overcome their pasts and find love in each other.

This book has so much to offer a reader- a lot of fun characters (a character who wants to run her own spanking brothel!), some light hearted moments (who wouldn’t love to see a Can-can dance in full ruffled bloomers), great action, romance (very steamy romance, including a very orgasmic spanking), and lots of spectacular spankings to satisfy even a hard core spanko.

Mmmm, it was delightful!

A must read for anyone who likes spankings and romance.

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