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The Doctor Next Door by Parker Fox

First he made her blush. Then he made her his.

Emily didn’t think it was possible to blush harder than when she got soaking wet during an intimate exam from the smoking hot doctor who lives next door… until she ordered a vibrator while tipsy, had it sent to his house by mistake, and got caught porch pirating her own package.

Now the man she’s been desperately avoiding since that shameful day on his exam table is knocking on her door. But Dr. Justin Mathewson isn’t here to slide a speculum into her tonight.

He’s here to spank her… and probably more than that.

Because she’s been a very, very naughty girl.


Publisher’s Note: The Doctor Next Door includes sexual scenes, spankings, and a little bit of medical play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Parker Fox

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$2.99

Length: 31,000 words


“No, please, doctor!” Emily begged, but it was too late.

The skimpy pajama shorts were already sliding over her cheeks and down her thighs before finally coming to rest at the backs of her knees, leaving her ass fully on display for the man who was about to give her the first spanking of her life. He rested his hand in the same position it had been a moment ago, but it felt different now. It was as if she could feel every callous of his rough hand against her smooth skin.

Then his palm was lifted away from her bottom, and Emily looked over her shoulder just in time to see him bring it down hard and fast. His hand landed with a loud slap right in the center of her cheeks, and it took a split second for her mind to process the impact before she yelped in pain. That had stung far more than she’d expected.

A moment later, his massive hand crashed back down onto her bare behind as he began a slow, steady rhythm of hard spanks. Emily grabbed a throw pillow from in front of her on the couch and buried her face into it, doing her best to tolerate the onslaught. After what must have been fifteen or twenty hard and fast swats, Dr. Mathewson paused, and she turned to look at him over her shoulder with an indignant, “Ow!”

He glanced at her, looking unfazed, before slapping each of her cheeks twice more.

“Spankings sting, don’t they, young lady?”

“Yes!” Emily said, before she returned to pouting into the pillow.

“I think a hot, pink bottom is exactly what you need to remember to be a good girl.” Dr. Mathewson moved down to scald her upper thighs.

Emily squeaked, flailing her legs briefly before clamping them shut with purpose, then flailing them open again as the sting continued building to intolerable heights. Being over the handsome doctor’s knee getting spanked like a naughty little girl was embarrassing enough. She didn’t need to show him more than necessary. Even if on some level she desperately wanted him to be paying close attention to what she was trying so hard to hide. As if reading her mind, he stopped smacking her burning cheeks and began softly rubbing his palm over them instead.

“It seems another part of you agrees that you’re in need of a spanking,” he commented lightly, and Emily blushed crimson, covering her face with her hands.

When she didn’t respond, Dr. Mathewson let a single finger trail down the cleft of her ass and brush over the opening at the top of her legs. Emily gasped, and then to her horror, she began to squirm shamefully over his lap.

“What do you need, Emily?” the doctor asked, his voice deeper and even more impossibly sexy than before.