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The Doctor’s Duties by Cariad Hal

Struggling to pay the bills with her job at a hospital, Thea Day is excited by the opportunity to work at a prestigious clinic run by Dr. Matteo Bruno. The offer comes with an embarrassing condition, however. She must submit to a series of very thorough, very intimate examinations and any additional procedures her new boss might deem necessary, sometimes in the privacy of his office but other times in front of the staff of the facility or even his medical students.

Though being put on such shameful display leaves Thea blushing crimson, as she lies naked on the exam table the arousal glistening on her thighs cannot be hidden, and her first quivering climax in full view of her coworkers is more intense than she would have imagined possible.

As the stern, sexy doctor’s exploration of her body’s responses grows ever more humiliating, Thea finds herself longing for him to claim her right then and there while she is still strapped to the table. But will his readiness to spank her bare bottom soundly for any hint of defiance scare her away or merely heighten her already desperate need for him to take her long and hard?

Publisher’s Note: The Doctor’s Duties includes sexual scenes, spankings, and extensive medical play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Cariad Hal

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 40,000 words


“We shall begin. Today, I shall show you briefly how to conduct an examination that every patient receives daily, regardless of their presented condition. Obviously, any extra examinations relating to the specific conditions of each patient will also be carried out. So it is somewhat fortuitous that we can practice on a member of the team who has a genuine anomaly requiring investigation.” He gestured to Thea. “May I have the patient’s baseline test results, please, nurse?”

“I’m sorry, Dr. Bruno, we do not have any results as the patient arrived late for admission.”

“What?” He was annoyed, turning to Thea. “And?”

“I… I’m… sorry…”

“Lateness is not to be tolerated,” he admonished.

“I know. It won’t happen again.”

“Sir,” he instructed.

“I’m sorry… Sir.” Once again she felt overwhelmed by his superiority and annoyed with herself for feeling that way.

He sighed. “Right. Roll onto your stomach.”

“Why?” she asked, puzzled.

“Dr. Thea, all you need to do is to comply. Now flip over onto your stomach.” He reached for a pillow. “Rest your hips on the pillow. Nurse, a thermometer, please. Presumably the patient has not had an enema either?”

The nurse shook her head.

“No, you’re not going to…”

“Yes, Dr. Thea. All temperatures are taken rectally and daily.”

“But I don’t want you to…” she protested.

“Will you please refrain from these protestations and cooperate? This is going to happen so relax and let’s get it done.” Turning to the students, he continued. “Generally, this would be done by nursing staff but there will be occasions when you will need to do it so do not get out of practice.”

Thea was now, resignedly, lying over the pillow with her hips raised. He lifted her gown.

“Nurse, I require patients to be without underwear,” he said crossly.

“The patient was instructed to strip, Doctor.”

“Another of your protests, Thea? Lift up your hips, please.”

As she did, he pulled down her panties. He worked quickly and deftly pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her bottom hole. She could feel her hole stretching and opening as he pulled and cringed with embarrassment, covering her face with her arm, knowing that all those students would be seeing it.

“Lubricant, please.” He held out his hand as the nurse squeezed some out on his fingers while his other hand held her buttocks apart. He smeared it over her anus. “Have you had a rectal thermometer inserted before, Thea?”

She shook her head. He placed the bulb against her anus.

“You’ll barely feel it,” he reassured, then pushed it in through her tight, puckered rim, embedding it deeply.

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