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The Doctor’s Prize: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Maren Smith

He examined me like a specimen. Then he mounted me like a beast.

Yesterday I was the pilot of a badly damaged ship desperately trying to reach a friendly outpost.

Today I am a specimen, naked, helpless, and on display for a huge, terrifyingly sexy alien brute.

I knew the risks of leading my crew into the Colbear Quadrant, but we were losing power fast and I had no choice. Now the truth is clear. The ships that vanished in this region were not lost.

They were taken.

Taken by beasts like the one now examining me to ensure I am ready to be claimed and ravaged.

But I can feel him losing control of his instincts. He’s not going to save me for captive breeding.

He’s going to take me himself, right here and now, and he’s not going to be scientific about it.

Publisher’s Note: The Doctor’s Prize includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Maren Smith

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 59,000 words


“Behave,” he growled again, and before she could tighten her grip, he reared back off her, shoving out from between her legs. Before she could do more than cry out, he flipped her from her back onto her belly and down his hand came, cracking all over her exposed bottom in a brisk fury of swats and spanks that stung like the devil.

She scrambled onto her knees, but he seized her hips and yanked her back, thrusting his hips into her and sending all those stars of unbearable desire exploding through her sex as the bulge in his rough pants rubbed and ground against her.

“Yes!” she gasped, stiffening.

He bent over her. “Lovely,” he purred, the heat of his breath kissing the shell of her ear. It raised gooseflesh all over her trembling body. So did the minute jerks of his body as he unfastened his pants to free his straining cock.

“Please, please, please,” she begged, her back arching. Her eyes kept drifting closed, letting her feel even more powerfully all the subtle nuances in the way his hands squeezed at her hips and the heady bump of his cock nudged its way between her thighs. She mewed, needing so much just to push back and help him find his way into her, but the minute she moved, he pulled back and spanked her again. Fiercely, the flat of his hand danced in sharp smacks from one ass cheek to the other until she wasn’t just gasping anymore. She cried out, the delicious sting bordering now on pain.

“Head down,” he ordered.

She dropped her head as flat to the mattress as she could with her wrists still bound to the pipe.

He cupped her aching bottom, squeezing where he’d spanked her, the kneading of his fingers spreading her open in rhythmic motions that made her body flow with need.

He spanked her bottom. “Up.”

She arched her ass higher, her nipples scraping the sheet. If only she could get her hands free, she’d catch them in her own fingers, twist and tweak them, showing him how to touch her. Hell, she might even grab his hand and make him do it himself, until he figured it out. Please, oh, please, let him be a fast learner.

But he ignored her breasts. Instead, the brush of his thumb drifted from her stinging ass to skim the puckered rim of her back passage.

She almost came up off the mattress, but his retribution was as swift and vigorous as it was smarting. He spanked her soundly, a dozen sharp claps that had her scrambling back into position and muffling her shout in the mattress.

“No, no, no,” she gasped, even as she thrust her hips back for more.

His rough hands caressed her heated flesh once before his thumb returned to her anus. He covered it, but didn’t enter her there. He only applied pressure enough for her to know he could if he wanted to. And oh, how the need intensified.

He spoke, rumbling murmurs that she barely heard over the rolling of his thumb caressing at her back hole. He took her right to the brink of forcing her to open for his invasion there, then spoke again.

“I-I don’t understand…” she both panted and moaned, “what you’re saying…”

He deliberately pushed his thumb into her as far as the first knuckle. “Your legs,” he repeated, this time quite clearly. “Open your legs.”

Racked with shivers, she did and was rewarded almost immediately by the bump of his cock, sliding up and down along her seam until the slick wet folds parted.

“Oh,” she exhaled in a long, shuddering breath as he slid into her. It was incredible. He stretched her on his thickness, and she didn’t know if it was his size or simply this position, but he pushed until he’d filled her.

It was almost too much.

Her pussy throbbed in molten need. Her nipples ached in neglect. He’d only just slid into her and already she could feel those familiar, fluttering spasms that warned she was about to come.

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