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The Dragon’s Pet Sets Two Top 100 Spots on Fire

Loki Renard’s latest release, The Dragon’s Pet, has reached the Top 100 in Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance and Fantasy and Futuristic Romance categories! Congratulations Loki!

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★★★★★ Dyane @ “A fantastically creative dragon romance” on April 12, 2017
I love books by Loki Renard, and this one is exceptional. Aria is a military pilot whose callsign is Trouble, because she is always in trouble or finding trouble. Dragon general Vyktor rescues her plane from crashing and takes her captive, to help end the Dragon-Human War. Of course, that is just the beginning of their journey. I was really impressed with the imagery in this novel. It is so amazingly vivid that the reader easily pictures these magically creatures and their home world. Both the concept and the plot are unique and creative, with unexpected twists and turns. The characters are fully developed and multidimensional. My favorite aspect of the entire book was the hero Vyktor. He is strong and fierce as a general but kind and indulgent with Aria, who is brave and worthy in her own right. I am certain this will become one of my favorite novels, and I will read it over and over. I only hope that there will be more dragon books in this series. I received this book for Stormy Night Publications as an advanced reader copy.

★★★★★ Bookworm555 @ “A really great comprehensive story” on April 13, 2017
Another great Loki Renard story. This story drops us into the middle of a war between the humans of Earth and the Dragons from another reality/dimension/parallel universe. From the start of the story you can see that Vyktor is different and believes that there can be a peaceful end to the hostilities. Granted at first his treatment of Aria is humiliating and demeaning but you can see that he is trying to understand her (after all they are from totally different worlds with little knowledge of the other). Even though this story runs the whole gambit of war story – aerial fights, rescues, interrogations, treason, betrayals, etc., it is so much more. There are twists and turns that are not normally seen in this particular genre of book. The story has some sex scenes and spankings but the author spent most of the book telling this great story. The author also, gives us a totally complete story (one that answers all questions and leaves us totally satisfied with the story and its conclusion). We get an ending and aftermath that are so incredibly thorough that I don’t believe the author could have improved upon it.

★★★★★ Saskia van Reenen @ “A good and different story” on April 12, 2017
This is my first book by Loki Renard and it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed this book; the story went into a direction I was not expecting at all. There was a great action scene in the beginning which pulled my right into this story. I liked Aria, she was strong, feisty and did what she believed in. Vyktor was a great character and he had a very unique way of punishing Aria. They had a great connection together.

I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an advance review copy.

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