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The Girl, The Doctor, and the Texas Ranger by Sue Lyndon

The Girl, The Doctor, and the Texas Ranger by Sue LyndonAfter witnessing a car crash outside his ranch house, Dr. Daniel Anderson rushes to help the girl behind the wheel. He carries her inside and tends to her wounds, all the while wondering what brought her out this far in the middle of the night. The young woman soon breaks down and confesses that her name is Emily and she’s on the run from the police after fighting back against a vindictive cop who tried to take advantage of her.

Daniel and his brother Trevor, a Texas Ranger, feel protective of Emily and offer to keep her safe and help clear her name. They agree to let her stay on the ranch, and in return she promises to help out with chores and obey their rules. The prospect of real consequences if she misbehaves is exciting to Emily, and when she shyly approaches Daniel with this confession, he decides to give her a taste of his discipline. He takes her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom, and the love she feels as he cradles her in his arms afterwards is unlike anything she’s ever experienced. She quickly discovers that Trevor is almost as strict as his older brother, and just as loving.

Though she is twenty-years old, Emily becomes their sweet little girl. Daniel and Trevor delight in buying her cute frilly dresses, taking care of all her needs, and disciplining her when she’s been naughty. She thrives under their attentions and falls hopelessly in love with both brothers. It isn’t long before they claim her, first each on his own and then both at once. Trevor is confident he’ll have her name cleared in no time, but once he does, will Emily have to leave the men who’ve changed her life and stolen her heart, or can she stay their little girl forever?

Publisher’s Note: The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, sexual scenes including threesomes, age play, medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sue Lyndon

Word Count: 50,300

eBook Price: $4.95


“Come here, little girl. It’s time for your spanking.”

Butterflies flitted around in her stomach, and warmth pulsed between her thighs. She cupped her hands over her pussy and walked to Daniel.

“Move your hands,” he said, swatting them away. “You don’t get to hide yourself from me, Emily. Is that understood?”

Her throat tightened. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. It embarrasses you to be naked in front of me, doesn’t it?”

Oh, God, how did he know? Was her face really that red? “Yes, sir. I—I am embarrassed.”

“I imagine you are, and that’s what makes a spanking so effective. It’s more than the pain, Emily. It’s the humiliation too.” He tipped her chin and she stared into his eyes. “I’m going to see much more of you while you’re over my lap with your bottom high in the air. Think about that.”

She’d already thought about it, but that didn’t stop a fresh wave of shame from surging through her, leaving her blushing harder than she’d ever blushed before.

Daniel sank down on the chair and pulled her to stand between his thighs. “I also want you to understand that I’m doing this because I care about you, Emily. I’m not spanking you to be cruel. This is about discipline, and I’m going to administer it with love. You have nothing to be afraid of.” He grinned. “Well, nothing but a sore bottom. You won’t be sitting comfortably tomorrow. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

She nodded, and the lonely spot inside her heart was once again filled up by this man who only a few days ago had been a complete stranger. “I’ve thought a lot about what you said to me the night I met you. About rules, boundaries, consequences, and love. It’s stuck with me, and I want to experience that with you. More than anything.” Her lip trembled as she confessed the thoughts that had been plaguing her since the night of her accident. Daniel had rescued her, but he’d also come storming into her life. She never thought she’d want to be under the authority of any man, least of all a man who spanked her. But Daniel’s kindness and wisdom had won her trust a thousand times over. She only hoped she could satiate her curiosity about the spanking while keeping her heart guarded.

Silence reigned between them for a long while, but it was calming rather than awkward. He held her hands in his and stroked his thumb over her palm, easing the last of her fears. When he finally spoke, his words created a direct link to her heart and soul.

“I’m going to take good care of you, Emily.”

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