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The Highlander’s MaidenMakes Amazon’s Top 100!

The Highlander's Maiden by Carole Archer (Accomplishment Post)We’re so proud of Carole Archer and her newest book, The Highlander’s Maiden, which has made the Top 100 List in Historical Romance this morning! This excellent adventurous romance will be sure to make your toes curl, so pick it up today!

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★★★★★  (Dawn) @ Blushing Books

I loved this story kept me intrigued the whole time. I could totally love reading more about these couples. I liked how story flowed

★★★★★  (TG) @ Blushing Books

Loved it! Took a bit for the spankings to kick in but once they did….Wow! Lady Tsuling is correct in that there was some redundancy, however, all in all, a very enjoyable read.

★★★★★  (JK) @ Blushing Books

This book was a great read! It was nice and long, which gave all the characters time to really get to know them. It had plenty of spankings, and lots of fun and adventure. I would definitely recommend reading this one.

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