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The Highwayman’s Lady Waylays a Top 5 Spot


Ashe Barker‘s latest release, The Highwayman’s Lady, has made the Top 5 in Amazon’s Historical Erotica category as well as the Top 20 in BDSM Erotica! Congratulations, Ashe!

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★★★★★ Karen KT @ “The Dashing Highwayman and His Sweet Lady Meet the Twists of Fate”  on March 8, 2016
I absolutely love this book! It has complex characters, a plot with twists and turns, developed secondary characters, interesting background information. So, a dashing highwayman rescues a sweet young woman who has been beaten and kidnapped by her smarmy stepbrother after her mother dies. The highwayman, Gray, has fought for the Scottish at Culloden with Bonnie Prince Charlie and now feeds his “passion for adventure” by robbing English travelers. Imogen, the lovely young woman, has to get to the sanctuary of her mother’s cousin in Scotland. She enlists his help and he reluctantly agrees. She is a lovely, sweet woman, remember? But does the highwayman harbor some secrets about his life? And she is totally honest with him, as well? Of course, there is an attraction between the two of them which brings about a very tender yet very sexy, consensual deflowering, which is beautifully written by Ashe Barker. They part ways. But fate intervenes and they are brought together in a way neither could ever imagine–in Scotland. Imogen is embraced by her relatives but the mysterious arrival of a handsome young man brings aboutsurprising plot twists. As Gray puts it, “…bizarre set of circumstances and sheer bloody coincidence that brought us here.” And Mother Nature has a trick up her sleeve, too. There is action here, romance, Scottish history, a little American history thrown in for good measure, hot loving, (a bit of D/s), bottom warmings. And Ashe Barker has written something I haven’t read anywhere else–punishment by orgasm denial with the assistance of Shakespeare! There is a very satisfactory epilogue, as well and as a reader, I like to be let down gently. Thank you, Ashe, for your words. Now…this book needs to be a movie or a PBS series. So, if you know Julian Fellowes, tell him about this book. It will be as big a hit for him as Downton Abbey and he needs a new project!! TEN STARS AND MORE!

★★★★★ SH @ “Steamy romance!” on March 6, 2016
A well written book with a plot full of suspense, danger, romance and a whole lot of steam! I am a fan of a book with some length, for me the longer the better, as long as the story keeps me engaged and doesn’t drag on and this one was perfect! The characters are strong and you easily become engaged in their journey and because of that you must keep turning the pages to discover what will happen next! Nicely done!!

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