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The Hunted Bride by Jaye Peaches

When the marriage prospects of nineteen-year-old Matilda Barre are all but ruined by scandal, the renowned mercenary Lord Gervais Baliol takes it upon himself to tame, correct, and wed the beautiful, feisty young lady. Not long after arriving at his castle, Matilda finds herself stripped bare for an intimate, humiliating examination followed by a thorough spanking over Gervais’ knee, but it is not her future husband’s firm-handed correction which proves most shocking.

A wild beast lurks within Gervais, something fierce and feral that waits to be unleashed. Soon that beast will claim Matilda, and when it does she has no doubt that it will be rough and savage.




Publisher’s Note: The Hunted Bride includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jaye Peaches

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 64,400 words


She showed no resistance when they ascended for a second time. Neither did she argue when he told her to undress, or bend over his knee. Draped, positioned, and held in place by his steady arm, she separated her legs and braced herself for what she deserved. A well-earned spanking.

He’d chosen not the bench this time, but a stool, and she clung onto the legs. The smacks were relentless and covered every inch of her bottom from crease to just below her tailbone. It seemed more painful than the first spanking and although she kept still for the first part, she couldn’t hold steady forever. She squirmed, kicked, and attempted to cover her bottom with a flailing arm. He ignored her cries and pinned the culprit limb behind her back.

Throughout his lengthy disciplining, he lectured with an authority her father often lacked. She stuttered apologies and weak little pleas of mercy.

“Oh, my lord, I’m undeserving of this,” she wailed.

“Will you wear the harness all next week, day and night?”

“A week!”

He curbed her screeches with a string of well-aimed slaps on her inner thighs. “Keep these legs parted.”

“It will be impossible.” The tears were not a contrivance, neither were her sniffles. However, she was not able to curtail the need that rose within her clenching quim, and she humped his lap, aching for relief from both the spanking and the heat pulsing in her veins.

“If I command it, it shall be possible,” he said.

The smacks ceased, and he circled each roasted arse cheek with his palm.

“I will fail you; I know I will,” she said, wiping her nose with the back of her hand.

“Do you think that if I had gone into battle thinking I would fail I would come out alive?”

She shook her head. She’d not considered his arrogance had kept him alive. But how could she contain her vanity and provide him with the meekness he desired; the only battle she fought was with herself.

He patted her bottom. “Does it sting sufficiently?”

“It throbs, sir. Like a fire, like a battalion of hooves has trampled over my bottom. Like…”

“Good, then you may sit upon my knee.” He eased her up and swung her about.

She gingerly lowered herself onto his lap and stuffed her hands between her warm thighs. Perched there, she gnawed her lower lip, and tried to ignore the bulge that poked her sore bottom.

“Am I naughty,” she whispered. “So naughty and wicked, that I desire you even when you punish me?”

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