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The Immortal’s Pet by Emily Tilton

When eighteen-year-old Emma Woodbine visits her next-door neighbor for the first time, she learns something which will change her world forever. It turns out that Daniel Magus is no ordinary man. He is an ancient, powerful immortal, and he has decided to make her his pet.

Emma soon finds herself naked and on display, blushing crimson as Daniel commands her to confess her most shameful secrets and spanks her bare bottom soundly when she hesitates to obey. Her new master quickly sets about training her, and Emma cannot deny her intense arousal at being made to surrender her beautiful body to him completely, but will she truly be happy spending her life as the immortal’s pet?

Publisher’s Note: The Immortal’s Pet includes spankings, sexual scenes, pet and pony play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 40,600 Words


Then he put his hand on her bottom, and she shivered. She knew she must tell him, because that hand said he would certainly spank her if she didn’t obey, and how could she ever bear to have a spanking in the nude, the thing she longed for and dreaded most in this suddenly very strange universe?

He hadn’t touched her before, she realized. He had only touched Molly, while she had watched, and he had only spoken to her, except for that gentle, gentle touch in her mind. The hand possessively on her bottom, cupping her right where the cleft led down to the place where her need ached the most, seemed to make the feeling of his presence in her mind warmer and stronger and more soothing.

But still she couldn’t speak.

“I need to discipline you, little one, it seems,” Daniel said. The hand went away, and Emma sobbed, because she heard him moving to the side, the way he would have to if he were going to spank her the way a man spanked a girl positioned naked on his bed. Molly didn’t betray her presence with a sound, but Emma realized she could feel her new friend—she could feel a heart in conflict between compassion for Emma and desire to see Emma trained firmly, even harshly. That drew another sob.

“Shh, little one. Shh, my good girl,” Daniel said, as he put his left hand on her waist to control her. “When you’re ready to tell me about the professor, you let me know, and I’ll stop spanking you.”

“Oh, God,” Emma choked. “Oh, please…”

“Shh,” Daniel said again, and started to spank her.

Emma had supposed that for this kind of spanking, a man who knew what a girl like her needed wouldn’t really spank hard. He would give little slaps that said, “You’re getting a spanking, you naughty girl.” He wouldn’t really spank her.

But Daniel really spanked Emma then, and made her cry out. How must the paddle feel, if her master used his hand like that? She struggled, and her bottom clenched the way she knew she had seen Molly’s do, and she felt in Molly’s heart and—oh, no, please—in Molly’s pussy the same wicked enjoyment Emma herself had felt, while Daniel had paddled Molly over the ottoman.

She struggled, but her master held her very firmly, and he spanked her hard, as she yelped, ten times, twenty times, right, then left, then in the middle where she could feel it as a punishment of her naughty pussy, too. She couldn’t bear it—but now she belonged to a man who spanked her, to teach her a lesson about what she needed, and she had to bear it.

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