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The Kingpin: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

Her father is my enemy. She is my property.

When I caught her sneaking into my home, I thought Raven was just a girl doing a silly sorority dare, so I set her bare ass on fire with my belt and then taught her a much more shameful lesson.

My seed was already dripping down her thighs before I learned she’s my enemy’s daughter.

That’s when I decided I would be keeping her.

And that I’d be making her my bride.




Publisher’s Note: The Kingpin is the first book in the Savage Empire series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 94,000 words


“Panties as well. Completely. Naked.” He enunciated the words as if I had trouble understanding.

Fuck the man. To hell with this. I would never make a return trip to New Orleans under any circumstances. I turned all the way around, cognizant that he’d moved from his predatory stance, yanking one of the pillows from under the covers, planting it smack in the middle of the bed. I fumbled, likely on purpose, before slipping my fingers under the thin elastic, taking several deep breaths before managing to tug them down my hips.

After placing them on top of my dress, I crawled onto the bed without being told. Then I positioned my stomach over the pillow, horrified and disgusted.

And very wet.

I folded my arms over my head, still uncertain what to expect. Then I closed my eyes, refusing to give him any additional acknowledgment, although it was impossible not to sense he’d moved right behind me. When he touched my leg, I had to bite back a yelp. He took his time, easing them apart. Then he patted my bottom.

“Good girl. Now, stay in position.” His voice was even more gravelly, the husky tone sweeping through me like a wave of unexpected heat. My mouth remained dry, but I was hot and wet all over.

I hated myself for it and the betrayal my body was showing. How could even the tiniest part of me have this level of desire? It was crazy. Eye candy or not, he was a very reprehensible man with no soul.

I braced myself as if already teetering off the edge of a cliff, the bottom nowhere in sight. Yet the moment he cracked the thick leather strap against something that I couldn’t see, the explosive sound forced a yelp.

I sensed I’d amused him. The bastard was enjoying inflicting pain. That’s what he did for fun. He bullied then beat people. “Bastard.”

“Watch your mouth, little girl.”

The hard crack of the whip against my bottom dragged me from the imagery and I jerked up with enough force, my back immediately ached.

“Settle down, Raven. We’re just beginning.”

I wanted so badly to lash out, to call him every name I could think of. Even as I mentally did so, I knew better than to dare open my mouth again. The kind of suffering he could cause me I’d likely never recover from.

He issued three additional strikes, the ease with which he snapped his wrist just another indication he’d done this before. It was obvious he was a very sadistic man. The pain was terrible, pushing me to the point where stars floated in front of my eyes, but I refused to cry out again. I wasn’t going to provide the bastard with a single bit of satisfaction.

The spanking continued, every smack of the belt echoing in my ears, every flash of agony pushing tears to my eyes. But there wasn’t a single salty bead that fell, something I could be proud of. I almost laughed from the thought. Proud? Was I out of my mind? Yes. Ten thousand times yes.

When he took a step away, even pacing by the bottom of the bed, I was able to take a decent full breath. Then I studied him, realizing my nipples were hard as tiny pebbles, the throbbing between my legs increasing. And my juice had already stained both my inner thighs. I would spend time admonishing myself later after I managed to get away from the brute.

He turned toward me, his chest rising and falling. It was obvious he was still processing what I’d done and told him. When he returned to his position of authority, I sucked in and held my breath.

His touch gentle, he caressed one side of my bruised bottom then the other, the tenderness so unexpected, a moan escaped. Mortified as before, I bit down on my bottom lip, tasting blood after a few seconds. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t allow him to get to me in any way.

“You’re so wet, princess.”