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The Last Rancher Corrals a Top 100 Spot

Katie Douglas‘ new book, The Last Rancher, has made the Top 100 in the Science Fiction Romance category on Amazon! Congratulations, Katie!

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★★★★★ Clara @ “Red Hot Chili Peppers” on September 23, 2017
I’ve read lots of dystopian stories, but Katie Douglas has come up with an interesting one.

Ember comes from the city. Everything is automated and mechanized and the city is run by the corrupt Brotherhood. When she is chosen to be a contestant on The Chase, she’s thrilled, until she finds out that not everything is as she thought it was.

Hadley is the last rancher left. He only is able to exist because he gives the Brotherhood the fresh meat they deny everyone else.

One day, while he is gathering up a lost cow, he finds a naked and bleeding pink-haired woman, being harried by dogs. He takes pity on her, and brings Ember back to his ranch.

Ember and Hadley end up falling in love, even if he has to take her over his knee once or twice.

I really enjoyed the premise of the story, like I said, an interesting take on a dystopian story. Ember is a strong character who works hard at saving herself when she can. Hadley is protective and wants to care for her. Totally enjoyable read.

★★★★★ Datatroy @ “LOVED IT!” on September 26, 2017
I loved this plot! It was a great story and I hope to see more along this story line, I hope to find out about her cousin in a positive way. One I started reading I wouldn’t put it down. The heroine character had the perfect amount of naivety to make her situation so believable and yet she was still strong. Loved it and I can’t say that enough. So worth the time and money. Read it read it read it!

★★★★★ Mozzy @ “Last rancher” on September 23, 2017
Ember is from a place called Novera, a city full of machines. for everything. Ember is picked out to be a contestant for the shoe “the chase”. But shes been on the run for two days, they are trying to kill her all because she turned down a man who wanted to have sex with her.

She is found by Hadley who saves her and takes her to his ranch, Ember tries to go back home , but is soon brought back and gets her first spanking, she has to stay at the ranch until she is safe.

I loved this book it was great to read

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