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The Lord’s Scandalous Bride by Emily Tilton

When she is sent by her employer to the room of his esteemed guest, Lord Nele Lourcy, with the expectation that she will submit to him in any way he pleases, Susan Grant has no idea what is in store for her. To her surprise, she soon finds herself not only receiving a humiliating bare-bottom spanking, but confessing to years of naughtiness and wanton behavior as well.

Lord Nele Lourcy is not the type of man who would be expected to take more than a passing interest in a girl like Susan Grant, but as she pours out her story to him he feels all but compelled to make her his own. He takes her in his arms and vows to guide her back to the path of virtue, chastising her firmly when needed but rewarding her obedience with pleasure unlike anything she has felt before.

Neither Nele’s family nor the rest of London society respond kindly to a lord taking a fallen woman as his bride, however, and soon the unlikely couple are forced to flee to America. But when danger follows them across the ocean, will Nele decide that Susan isn’t worth the trouble, or will he keep her at his side—and in his bed—no matter the scandal it creates?

Publisher’s Note: The Lord’s Scandalous Bride is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 62,200 words


“I am naughty, my lord,” she said, choosing her words with as much care as ever she could muster, “though I do not believe I have committed any infraction against you. But if you spank me for all my naughtiness, will you not then lay a responsibility upon yourself to guide me into innocence?”

His eyes widened. He took a slight step back, and brought his hand to his face to cover his mouth and nose. In fascination, Susan watched him realize that his fingers smelled very strongly of the very naughtiness they had begun to discuss. As if without willing it, Lord Nele inhaled sharply, and the startled look on his face became surprised, and then, for an instant, pleased, but immediately after that very stern, the brief smile becoming a set, hard line.

Susan could tell that her words had hit home somehow, but now she felt a surge of fear that she had evoked cruelty in his nature rather than kindness. He said in a very severe voice, like that of a schoolmaster announcing a whipping for a recalcitrant pupil, “I believe I would like to accept that charge, Sue.”

Her heart beat wildly. What did it mean? What could it mean?

“Tonight, you will begin to tell me of your naughtiness, and I will punish you for it. If I am satisfied that you have repented, and wish to return to the path of virtue, and if you please my cock as a virtuous girl in your position should do for the man who has taken charge of her, I am prepared to make arrangements for your comfort. Would that please you, Sue? Or should I perhaps call you Susan?”

“Susan, my lord,” she whispered, not sure whether she could believe this strange fortune. “Yes, my lord. It would please me.” Two men had kept her, as the world usually termed such things, but neither had proposed to keep her in anything like comfort, or used such terms in their propositions.

“Then get your naughty rump over the foot of the bed as I requested. Your first spanking will occur because you need to assume a proper frame of mind, and because I wish to spank your pretty bottom.”

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