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The Man Of Her House Makes Amazon Top 100!

The Man Of Her House by Constance Masters Accomplishment

Congratulations to Constance Masters who has once again made Amazon’s Erotica Top 100 list with her newest book, The Man of Her House. When a bratty college girl comes home expecting to have the run of the place, it is quite a shock to find that there is a new king of the castle… and he is more than ready to lay down the law with a firm hand. Don’t miss out on this captivating romance–buy a copy today!

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★★★★  (SH) “Sweet Romance”

This book was fun to read. The characters are believable as is the plot. Alyssa is a college student, although suspended for grades, who decides to go home because her Mom is away on a trip. Once home she meets Jesse and there is an instant attraction. There is some sweet romance here, along with some DD, some sex and love. I really appreciated the ending!

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    I loved this book. Does he have a brother I can hire?

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