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The Master by Ashe Barker and Katy Swann

After her long-time taekwondo instructor passes away suddenly, Jodie Price is certain her dreams of Olympic glory have been dashed, and she is thrilled when bold, handsome coach Dylan Atkins offers his help. But Dylan’s training regimen will be more rigorous than anything Jodie has experienced before, and she quickly discovers that he is a firm believer in strict discipline.

When she is caught drinking in defiance of Dylan’s rules, Jodie soon finds herself sobbing and promising to do better as she is thoroughly paddled. Dylan’s stern correction arouses her deeply, however, and it isn’t long before he takes her in his arms and masters her completely. But though his skilled, dominant lovemaking leaves her utterly spent and satisfied, will Jodie trust him enough to tell him the truth when a powerful sponsor tries to use their romance to blackmail her?


Publisher’s Note: The Master includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Authors: Ashe Barker and Katy Swann

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 65,200 words


She jerked on the bed when the first stroke landed. Dylan cocked his head to admire his handiwork as she writhed, gasped for air, then settled again. Two thick red welts bloomed across her right buttock and she whimpered quietly into the duvet, which she clenched in her fists.

“Tell me when you’re ready for the next one.”

“I… I’m ready, Sir.”

This time he landed the stroke on her left cheek. Jodie let out a shriek and kicked her feet up behind her. She was sobbing in earnest.

“Keep your feet on the floor,” he instructed. “You can make as much noise as you like—my closest neighbours are two floors down—but you will keep your body still.”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry. It was just—”

“Ready to carry on?” He kept his tone cold, business-like. There would be ample time for aftercare later.

“Yes. I’m ready.”

The next two strokes were laid across the backs of her thighs. It would be days before she could sit in comfort again. She let out a high-pitched scream with each one, but she managed to stay in position. Despite today’s debacle, he was proud of her.

“Last one. This will be across both buttocks and it will fucking sting.”

She groaned and clenched her cheeks hard. The eight perfect red stripes he had already painted on her skin shifted as she moved, but he caught sight of the sheen of her juices clearly visible on her lower lips.

“Open your legs, Jodie.”

“Oh, please, no. Not there. It hurts…”

He hardened his tone. “Do as you’re told. Show me your wet pussy.”

Slowly, but surely, she spread her thighs.

“Good girl. Now, lift up. I want to see how wet and horny you are, my sexy little subbie.”

She did as he said, pushing up onto the balls of her feet and arching her back. He tilted his head to get a better view. Yes, she was fucking soaked.

“If you take this last one without any fuss, I’ll fuck you afterwards.”

“Th-thank you, Sir.”

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