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The Mob Boss’ Pet by Measha Stone

I wanted a pet, and I take what I want.

My men grabbed Stephania Benzitto because my brother needed a doctor and I’d prefer to avoid the kind of questions I’d have to answer if we went to a hospital, but that’s not why I kept her.

Stephania is kneeling at my feet wearing nothing but a leash, a collar, and the stripes of my belt on her beautiful bare bottom because I’ve decided to make her my pet, and a pet must be tamed.

She will be caged until she learns to obey. Then she will find out how good pets are rewarded…




Publisher’s Note: The Mob Boss’ Pet includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Measha Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 49,100 words


“You won’t need your clothes. Take them off.” I release her collar and walk to the bed, leaning against one of the thick posts.

She doesn’t move though. Indecision has frozen her.

“This is the part where you show me you can and will obey. If you fight me now, how can I not add more to your punishment?” I ask in as calm a tone I can manage. My cock presses hard against the zipper of my slacks, but there won’t be any release until the job is done. Only then can I appease my own lust, while leaving her to drown in her own.

She opens her mouth like she’s going to speak, but snaps it shut. Smart girl. Just like I thought.

With no fanfare, she rips off her scrub top and lays it on the dresser. She grabs her scrub pants and yanks them off with her panties and kicks out of her shoes before tugging them off her feet. Again, they are dropped on the dresser. She’s left with her bra. Keeping her eyes averted from me, she reaches behind herself and unhooks the clasps.

There’s no underwire to the bra. While her breasts will more than adequately fill my palms, she’s not what my brothers would call stacked. She pulls the bra down her arms and tosses it onto the pile of clothing. When she turns back to me, she’s fisting her hands on her hips and raises her glare to my gaze.

Not a speck of awkwardness in sight. She’s not trying to hide her breasts, or cover her sex, but rather giving me a hard look. This isn’t a woman looking for my approval. This is a woman who’s confident in her skin and is daring me to challenge her.

My cock can’t get any harder.

I clear my throat to avoid growling and point to the bed. “Stand here and grab the post. I won’t tie you so long as you hold position. If you move or wiggle away, I will bind you to it and double the count.” I snap my finger and point to where I want her.

She drops her hands from her hips and saunters to me. I let her get all the way to me before I shake my head.

“Now, Stephania, do you really think that’s how a pet should approach its owner?”

Her eyes widen and a soft pink blush brushes across her cheeks.

“I’m not your pet,” she says in a harsh tone that doesn’t match her eyes.

“Oh, but you are.” I point to where she began. “Go back and try again.”


I grab her by the collar roughly, startling her too much to allow her to do anything but follow when I yank her toward the dresser again. I march her to the starting position and shove her to the floor. She scrambles down to her knees.

I release her. “I can get the leash if you need help,” I tell her.

She falls forward to her hands. “No,” she says but it’s more like a plea.

Leaving her there, I make my way back to the bed.

“Come, Stephania, come to me.” I pat the side of my leg.

Murder reigns in her glare for a moment, but she crawls across the floor to me. Her breasts hang delicately. Little silver bells dangling from each nipple would perfect the picture.

Another time, I promise myself.

When she reaches me, I put my hand out, grabbing hold of her hair to keep her from moving to her feet. She winces but keeps any complaints she has to herself as I pull her head back, making her look up at me.

“That’s a good girl,” I say, releasing my grip and petting her hair back into place. Her jaw sets hard, but the flicker of arousal is obvious in her eyes.

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