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The Modesty Cure by Emily Tilton

Desperate to escape an unwanted marriage to an unsavory man, eighteen-year-old Amanda Eaker is delighted when James Coventry, a handsome gentleman with powerful connections, promises to rescue her. But after she is spirited away in his carriage late at night, Amanda soon learns that James has very specific plans for her, and those plans leave no room for her modesty.

Amanda is to be enrolled in a unique school run by James’ friend Dr. Reginald Brown, whose specialty is teaching particularly innocent brides to surrender their bodies fully to the men who will be their husbands. Her protests upon being informed of this merely earn Amanda a sound spanking on her bare bottom, and before long she is blushing crimson as she is led naked from James’ carriage into the school that will be her home until he makes her his wife.

Though it seems that each new lesson from James and Dr. Brown is more shameful than the last, Amanda finds that submitting to her future husband’s practiced dominance is more pleasurable than she could have ever imagined. But will a modest girl like Amanda ever truly be ready to offer herself completely to the man she has grown to love?

Publisher’s Note: The Modesty Cure includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 41,200 Words


“I must punish you, now, but then I shall give you permission to masturbate in front of me, while you suck my cock. Spread your legs.”

So James advanced, and Amanda did as he commanded, spreading her legs so that he could see everything laid out for him, hoping perhaps that to have her that way would appease his wrath. But then, to her dismay, he said, “I shall spank your cunt, darling, because that is where you have committed this offense. Hold your knees open for me.”

“Oh, no… sir, please!” Fear rose in her, but at the same time the thought of being punished right there, where the naughtiness had started, seemed to stir her so thoroughly that she could not disobey, and she did it, holding herself open though her whole body shook. She watched his hand come up and go down, and she screamed at the terrible agony though the other feeling grew so hot as well. With a rush of heat to her cheeks, she wondered if his hand would come away wet from the cunny he spanked.

She screamed her contrition as he spanked her five times between her legs, and then he said very gently, as if he were sorry to have had to punish her that way, “Now make yourself feel better, darling.”

Then he watched her rub the cunny he had spanked, telling her to put a finger, then two fingers also in her bottom-hole as he steadily moved the cock in her mouth. He stood at the side of the bed and held her head firmly so he could thrust in and out, talking to her of his pleasures all the while.

“The first time I fuck you, in a few moments,” he said, “we will fuck face to face, in what is called the matrimonial position. Rub your clitoris now, darling. Very firmly. That’s right.”

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