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The Most Shameful Game by Emily Tilton

Though she is surprised when her husband informs her that they will be representing their planet in an ancient game during which his mastery of her body will be put to the test, Petronilla Lourcy cannot hide her helpless arousal as the rules of the context are explained to her. She will be led out onto the playing field completely nude and fully on display, and her beautiful body will be publicly punished, used, and enjoyed not only by her husband but by other competitors as well.

As the event begins, every moment proves more deeply shameful than the last, yet Petronilla’s need for her husband merely grows stronger with each new humiliation, each painful spanking, and each blushing climax. But when the game comes to an end, will they emerge as the victors?


Publisher’s Note: The Most Shameful Game is the eleventh book of the Beyond the Institute: The Future of Correction series. The books of the Beyond the Institute: The Future of Correction series are stand-alone novels which can be read in any order. The Most Shameful Game includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 60,300 words


Now at the edge of the stone circle, in the penalty hex, Robert saw Pet’s forehead move in a way he thought he knew, and he turned his head so that she could whisper into his ear. He caught a glimpse of his handheld, affixed now to the inside of his forearm: it had just begun to flash red, meaning that he had less than a minute to start fucking Pet, or he would have to pick up the cane and thrash her. Much worse, the second penalty would mean the loss of a turn, at which point they would be lucky not to finish last of the six teams, probably eliminated only a turn or two after that.

“Make me,” his beautiful, naked, collared-and-leashed, demure, wonderful bride breathed, so softly he could scarcely hear her words. “Please, sir. Make me.”

Robert felt her body tense and he understood: she wanted to tell him not just in these urgent words but with her physical resistance that she had understood something important, something new about her own needs. Perhaps he had helped by reminding her of their conversation and of their wild lovemaking on the station, or perhaps having her governor turned up all the way for the past fourteen hours or so, while leashed and collared by her lord and master had accomplished this result on its own.

He didn’t hesitate, then: he took Pet by the shoulder and overcame her rebellion. He raised the leash enough to tug at her collar, and he marched her toward the fucking block.

“On your knees, girl,” he growled, and he enforced the words with his hands, roughly making her kneel on the padded and leather-covered support. He pulled firmly but not violently on the leash, hoping that he could find a balance between the deliberateness of his mastering his piece and the need for haste, and Pet responded, crying out as she let herself be toppled over the end of the block that faced the little pond.

His handheld read fifteen seconds, now. In the back of his mind Robert knew he had the chance to do something extraordinary—something he could never have done in the piece-less game. He remembered a game at his club on Prosperia where, as he and Pet had just done, he had stumbled into a penalty on his first turn. He had done his push-ups well and quickly, but he had known the game was lost—just as he had thought he knew, when he had seen the stone circle here on Ludia. In the piece-less game, no calisthenic challenge could win the gamemaster’s favor the way mastering a beautiful, naked, submissive woman could.

With one hand on Pet’s back, holding her down as she struggled atop the block, he took his place behind her and parted his robe with his other hand. At the same moment, then, he thrust his iron-hard prick into his wife’s wet, needy cunt and shifted his hands to take hold of her wrists and hold them against the sides of the block. The rules stated only that the piece must be restrained—not that her wrists need be in the cuffs. Standing astride her pert backside, his knees to either side of her thighs, Robert shrugged his player’s robe from his shoulders to fall behind him and began to master his piece in earnest, fucking Pet as hard as he had ever fucked her, as the wooden block creaked under them.

He didn’t know whether his style had indeed won him any favor with the gamemasters, but now, with his wife responding to his thrusting cock even more urgently than she had the previous night on the station, with her crying out her need and climaxing under his pounding hips over and over, Robert didn’t care in the slightest. Since he had become fascinated with the game in college he had dreamt of a moment like this one.

He had thought that dream dashed on the very first move of this game, for despite all the honor of the invitation to play on Ludia, and all the pleasures that had already come with representing Prosperia and his corporation, a disaster on the board would mean bitter disappointment. Even with the penalty, though—even if their bad luck continued and they were eliminated two moves from now, which represented the earliest turn a player could exit the game—this moment in the stone circle would remain with him.

“Sir… oh, God… I… I…” Pet’s moans became more and more indistinct, the longer Robert thrust into her. “Please… I can’t… sir…”

He held her wrists firmly and he thrust hard, obeying the rule for the stone circle: the greatest possible force. The seed seemed to boil in his balls, and he grunted with each thrust, using his piece’s cunt to seek an orgasm of his own. It came, at last, like an avalanche from the Prosperian Alps, and he held himself in deep, his lap firm against Pet’s little bottom, as he spurted inside her womb.

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