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The President’s Little Sweetheart Elected to a Top 100 Spot

Shelly Douglas’ new book, The President’s Little Sweethearthas taken a spot in the Top 100 for Amazon’s 20th Century Historical Romance category! Congratulations Shelly!

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★★★★★ CChase @ “Awesome book” on February 5, 2017
The President’s Little Sweetheart is great story,
Not just a average age play,
A age play with a twist,
A suspense of who do you trust to have your back?
Is it the VP , secretary , secret service? Your best friend out to get you Mr.President?
Read found out.
It’s beautiful story of a second chance of love ❤️

★★★★★ AmazonAddictedMommy @ “sweet perfection” on February 10, 2017
This book is wonderful. It’s the perfect balance of ageplay and adulting. Cassidy starts an affair with POTUS David just as he’s beginning his re-election campaign. In addition to their developing Daddy/lg relationship, there’s drama centered on people trying to bring David down and using Cassie to do it. The relationship between the two is very very sweet and well written. I do think it ended a little abruptly, so hopefully there will be more books following Cassie and David soon!

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