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The Rebel’s Mate by Loki Renard

The Rebel's Mate by Loki RenardAbducted from Earth by tentacled humanoids, small town girl Lyra finds herself in the belly of an interstellar transporter and entirely at the mercy of a race of creatures beyond her wildest nightmares. Temporarily deprived of sight by the aliens, her only solace during the journey to a far-off planet is found in the soothing arms of an unseen man who, despite sharing her current circumstances, promises that one day he will rescue her.

Three years later, Lyra has accepted being put to use as a gladiator in an interspecies competition waged for the amusement of her alien masters. But when her owner decides to mate Lyra with another champion fighter, she unexpectedly finds herself face to face with Rake, the very man who once vowed to rescue her. Unfortunately, all memory of him and her abduction has long since been erased by her captors.

Lyra is not pleased to find herself confronted by six feet of arrogant male muscle and she’s even less pleased when the stranger informs her that he intends to mate her, but her displeasure turns to true fury when he takes her hostage and escapes with her. Her mind having been thoroughly addled by the aliens, Lyra resists her rescuer and sets about making Rake’s life as difficult as possible. To her shock and embarrassment, when her defiance continues Rake bares her bottom, puts her over his knee, and gives her the spanking of her life.

Despite her best efforts to hate him, over the course of several near death escapes from their alien pursuers Lyra begins to realize that Rake is everything she’s ever wanted and needed in a man. When he claims her at last, the intense pleasure of his dominant lovemaking nearly causes her to forget that they’re running for their lives. But can Rake truly keep his promise to bring Lyra safely home once and for all, or will their desperate bid for freedom end in disaster?

Publisher’s Note: The Rebel’s Mate is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Loki Renard

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 40,700 words


“Let me go! You’re an asshole! I’d rather be with the aliens than you!”

“I’m an asshole?” His hand stilled for a moment, then to her horror she felt her rear cheeks being parted. He was spreading her, putting her on display for his amusement.

“What are you doing?”

“Just a fraction of what your precious aliens wanted me to do to you,” he said calmly, keeping his hands on her spread cheeks, holding her in place with the cool ship’s air caressing her anal bud and her heated bottom. “In fact, I’m not really doing anything at all.”

“Yes, you are! You’re… you’re looking!”

“And that bothers you, does it?”

“Yes! Stop it!”

“Maybe I should put something there so I can’t see it,” he suggested, brushing his thumb lightly across her winking bud.

Lyra stiffened at his touch and bit her lip so as not to let out the little moan that rose unbidden. It felt good to be touched there, a tingling that jolted through her bottom and then through her loins and made her clit brim with need. Rake was having a hell of an effect on her, not just through the spanking, which made her bottom hurt, but in every part of her body. She was flushed with both embarrassment and arousal.

“You don’t seem to mind being touched as much as you mind being looked at,” he murmured as he gently petted her in a place she’d never imagined any man would want to touch, let alone touch first. Her pussy was still covered by her pants. He could have lowered them further, but he did not. Instead he petted and played with her clenching bottom hole until she squeezed her legs together hard so her clit could receive a little pressure that would relieve its hungry ache.

“You’re enjoying this,” he said. “Even the sore ass.”

He was right in a way; her sore bottom was adding a certain amount of additional sensitivity to matters, which wasn’t to say she liked it when he spanked her. That just plain hurt, but afterward it turned out that there were certain advantages to having a hot, sore bottom. Like the way her pussy was self-lubricating and getting all slippery and excited.

She liked being pressed up against his rugged male body. She loved the way he smelled. His scent was more than a pleasant odor; it was an intoxicant that made her feel quite giddy in response, especially now that she was so close to him and he was exerting himself in her discipline.

“You really like this,” he chuckled softly. “Who would have thought?”

Lyra blushed, then gasped as he put a little more pressure against her bottom bud, his fingertip almost entering her there—but not quite.

“I think you’re paying attention now, aren’t you?” he murmured down at her.

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