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The Russian: A Dark Mafia Romance by Isabella Laase

First he’ll make her obey. Then he’ll make her his.

Dr. Mia Anderson isn’t used to being ordered around, but when a powerful Russian mob boss grabs her off the street she is left with two choices: submit to his demands or be punished.

Luka Petruskenkov needs medical attention for his injured cousin and he’s decided that Mia will be providing it. The only thing up to her is whether her bottom will be sore while she does so.

Mia soon finds herself on her knees before the infuriatingly sexy Russian who has made her his prisoner. Naked, bound, and waiting for him to claim and ravage her, she knows he will find her wet and willing despite her protests, but is she ready to surrender completely to a man like him?


Publisher’s Note: The Russian includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Isabella Laase

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 72,400 words


He was going to do with her what he pleased. The thought sent a shiver of wet excitement to fill her pussy, and she wiggled uncomfortably for fear he’d discover her secret, but she was fast learning she could keep no secrets from him. Her fists remained clenched in a weak attempt to counter her vulnerability, willing her body to remain still despite her achy arousal.

“You are struggling already, little one,” he said with that damned insight. “But first, I will finish unwrapping my newest possession.” Pulling sharply on her hair, he barked, “Stand.”

It took her a second to respond, and when she complied, he growled, smacking her ass with his palm. The sting bit through her thin pants, and she jumped at the unexpected correction. “You will obey me more quickly, koshka,” he warned dangerously. “Now, finish stripping so I can continue with my pleasure, or I shall be forced to redefine our relationship.”

She moved faster, slipping the pants over her bottom to settle in a puddle at her ankles before stepping out of them. The chilly room forced a new layer of goosebumps to contradict the red heat her body displaced. He circled her, forcing her to close her eyes to stabilize her nerves. She could feel his gaze taking in her every imperfection from the angry red appendicitis scars on her belly to the slight bulge around her middle from a few too many carbs during long medical school hours. She desperately wanted to cross her arms over her breasts and hide from his scrutiny, but understood he would be angry and forced her hands to stay by her sides.

Luka ran his palm across her spanked butt cheek, grabbing handfuls of flesh. He slapped her nipples, first one, and then the other, catching her by surprise and causing her to gasp. She stayed where he’d put her, the heat rising even further as he twisted her nipple between his thumb and his forefinger.

“You are doing beautifully,” he murmured, stepping away from her. She opened her eyes to see him holding a frightening pair of handcuffs.

He forced her hands behind her back, but the new rules didn’t come naturally to her. She instinctively twisted her body away from him in preparation for battle, but he was too strong. He pushed her over the arm of the couch, and the cold restraints snapped around her wrists without her approval. She continued to struggle, pulling frantically and kicking at the air.

He whispered in her ear while holding her in place at the small of her back. “I would love for you to fight me, koshka. Because I will win. Are you sure you wish to try?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” she gasped, trying to force more breath into her lungs. “Please have patience with me.”

It was the right move. He visibly relaxed and returned her to a standing position. “It is you who must have patience. I will take care of everything. You must be my beautiful slut who will open her legs when I demand it.”

His physical exploration began in earnest while she stood naked and restrained before him, strong hands running up and down her body, toying with the curls between her legs before returning to her breasts. He slapped her erect nipples a second time, harder, before gathering huge handfuls of her sensitive flesh.

When satisfied, he retrieved from a drawer a set of dangly gold clamps with a hint of diamonds that sparkled in the lamplight. In a vain attempt to stop him, she sucked in her breath and leaned away from the sharp metal teeth, but he smirked, attaching the first one to her erect nipple with a painful bite, its weight pulling her breast downward. Moving her shoulders, she watched in fascination as the jewel-covered trinket brushed across her mound, but before she could adjust to the sensation, he grabbed the second breast, pulling her back into position to fasten the matching jewel.

With the exception of the terrifying cage, she’d struggled to focus on any piece of equipment since entering the room, but he led her away from the tiny prison to a leather-trimmed contraption. Bending her tummy over the bench, he forced her jewel-decorated breasts into the soft leather. She squirmed in an attempt to adjust, but he slid a blindfold over her eyes to leave her in darkness.

She whimpered like a lost puppy, and he rubbed his hands across her bottom. Nudging her legs further apart, he exposed her swollen vulva and strapped each ankle to the corresponding side rails and added a metal bar that separated her thighs. It took a second or two, but the restraints caused her to panic, and she pulled up sharply.

His correction was immediate, coming down firmly on her ass with several sharp spanks that forced her to her tippy-toes. “Do not defy me,” he warned. “In the wake of your innocence, I would prefer to be an understanding master today and keep my demands simple, but if you push me, I will not hesitate to show you more than you can imagine.”

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