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The Slavers’ Pet by Samantha Madisen

When she is captured by alien slavers, Vedera quickly finds herself stripped bare for an intimate, deeply humiliating examination, but her defiance during the routine procedure convinces her captors that she is not suitable for sale. Her fate will be far more shameful. She will become their shared pet, to be trained, punished, and used as thoroughly and as often as they see fit.

Her captors quickly set about taming Vedera, fitting her with a tail, making her obey their every command, and teaching her to surrender her beautiful body to them completely. But when it becomes clear that the bond between them is not merely one between owner and pet, will Vedera’s masters defy the laws of their people to claim this feisty little human as their mate?



Publisher’s Note: The Slavers’ Pet includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Samantha Madisen

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 37,870 words


Tokis pressed a finger to the soft petals that led to her opening. He nodded toward the counter. “Bring me a trainer,” he said.

Xa walked over to the cupboard, slid it open, and found a small plug with a Xanathite crystal decorating the flange. It would make a pretty adornment. He walked the implement over to Tokis.

As soon as Tokis touched her pussy with it, Vedera seemed to change. She gasped and twisted her head, trying to see what was happening. She was no longer calm and ready to submit. There was a little more panic in her eyes.

Tokis pressed the tip of the flange into her pussy.

Her mouth fell open and she let out a mewl.

His hand came down on her bottom. Once on each cheek. “Lie still,” he growled.

Vedera did as she asked but with some reluctance. There was a tension to her body that hadn’t been there when Xa had walked in.

After coating the plug in her juices, Tokis dragged it across her perineum and pressed the tip against her back hole.

This caused her to stiffen even more on his lap, even twist a little as she tried to get away. This was the Vedera she had been when they’d left.

Tokis pulled away the plug and let fly a volley of stiff swats across her ass cheeks.

Xa saw that she was trying her best to calm herself. She would lie still, then, when Tokis pressed the plug against her bottom, she would stiffen again, tightening her hole.

Each time she did, Tokis would pull the plug away and land a few more sharp swats on her cheeks until they were burning a bright red.

“Alright,” Vedera moaned, “okay. I’m sorry… please… please…” Panting, she relaxed on his lap and this time when he pressed the tip of the plug against the tight ring, did not protest.

Tokis twisted the trainer, working it slowly into her tight back hole.

Xa found his own cock growing as he imagined what it would be like stuffing her full of himself with Tokis in her other end.

She emitted another mewl as the flange of the trainer settled against her still rosy cheeks but she lay still on his lap.

Tokis picked her up and set her on her knees in front of him. “Hands behind your back,” he said, staring into her eyes.

Vedera put both hands behind her back, holding her forearms with each hand.

Tokis grabbed a fistful of her hair and eased her mouth toward his cock. It wasn’t a violent gesture, just enough to show her he was still in charge.

It startled her for a moment, but her nipples stiffened into hard buds and the scent of her arousal filled the room.

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