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The Unwilling Bride by D.W. Collins

The Unwilling Bride by D.W. Collins (Post 200x300)Dismayed at her impending marriage to a man she does not love, Lady Anivia runs away in the company of a wandering troubadour, only to find herself abandoned by him at the first sign of danger on their journey.

Saved from a pack of wolves by the king’s most trusted general, she is brought home and thoroughly examined, cleansed inside and out, and publicly chastised, but even though she remains a maiden she finds herself spurned by the prince she sought to escape. With no other royal suitor at hand, at her king’s command she is wed to her rescuer, General Almar. Anivia soon learns that her new husband takes his responsibilities seriously, and that he will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her soundly when he feels it necessary.

Although initially determined to perform her duties without enjoyment and to show no love to the man who has been forced upon her, Anivia quickly discovers that her handsome husband is skilled in more than just the art of correcting a naughty wife, and that he can make her squirm and blush and moan with pleasure whether she wishes it or not. As time passes she begins to feel a growing passion for this firm but caring man who clearly wants her love just as much as he demands her obedience.

Publisher’s Note: The Unwilling Bride is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: D. W. Collins

Word Count: 31,600

eBook Price: $3.95


“I have raised you like a daughter,” King William said. “So I plan to punish you personally. Since this is your first chastisement, I will only use a tawse. If you dare to offend again, harsher instruments will be put to use on more parts of your body.” He folded the leather strap double and pressed it to her lips. “Kiss the strap that will chasten you.” The rich scent of oiled leather filled her nose as she obeyed.

The king positioned himself at arm’s length behind her uplifted rump. He let the strap run delicately across her round buttocks until goose pimples sprouted on her soft skin and he was satisfied that the distance was right. She shivered at the tantalizing sensation of smooth leather on her bared skin, until her sense of anticipation was so great that she actually wished her punishment would begin to break the awful tension. King William drew back his arm and cracked the tawse against her bottom with a fiery stroke. She screamed as if she had been branded instead of simply spanked. The force of the blow rippled through her body and made her torso, arms, and those unsupported breasts quiver very invitingly.

Almar’s mouth went dry. He had been a good husband, so he had spanked his now deceased wife when she had deserved it. The recollection of her squeals and gyrations still made him hot with desire. Young Anivia’s gyrations reminded him of those moments. Court rumors said that King William spanked Queen Stephanie on occasion and his skill with the tawse made Almar suspect that those rumors were true.

The king lashed Anivia’s squirming bottom with quick back and forth strokes, until her buttocks grew bright red and he moved his attentions to the backs of her firm thighs. The first blow on that tender flesh brought a new gusto to her frantic shrieks. Her tightly bound legs gave him easy access to her inner thighs, and he took advantage of that opportunity to let the tawse’s tongue nip her puffy sex lips. By the time she was too exhausted to wail any more, he stopped thrashing her. The soldiers freed her from the frame, and they stood her on her feet. The weeping girl was forced to walk to her bed chamber stark naked with her hands clamped on top of her head so everyone could clearly see the results of her punishment and be warned.

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