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The Vikings’ Thrall Raids a #2 Spot

Ava Sinclair‘s newest release, The Vikings’ Thrall, has grabbed the #2 spot in Amazon’s Viking Romance category and is also in the Top 100 of the Medieval Romance category! Congratulations, Ava!

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★★★★★ Nicole H Vela @ “Nordic dream…” on December 22, 2016
From the pit of despair comes the tale of one woman’s trial and tribulations. Morgan’s survival came at a price. Having been captured she becomes the slave to not one but two men. Two men who have pledged themselves to her protection and safety. They show her carnal delights. Bjorn and Erik never imagined the little thrall would become so important to their lives. When the nature of her capture comes to light. They will go to any lengths to protect what’s theirs. This story is passionate, dramatic,alluring and sexy. I just didn’t wanna finish it. Beyond a five star read.

Ava Sinclair has the gift of writing her stories are a blessing. Each page is a reader’s dream. I have yet to read something I didn’t love. I expect even more sexy spanking and the men who deliver the punishments. Always a pleasure to read and her books aren’t drown in just sex which is always a plus. The perfect read.

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